eShipGlobal Rules

Here follow the rules that employees and their supervisors certify they will follow when they request access to eShipGlobal:

  1. User will use eShipGlobal for official UTD business purposes only.
  2. User understands that eShipGlobal does not have a means of encumbering funds or determining funds availability, and that the User and Supervisor bear full responsibility to ensure that the specified UTD account has sufficient funds to complete the transaction.
  3. User will only furnish UTD account numbers for which which the User and Supervisor has signature authority, and understand that deliberately supplying invalid or unauthorized account numbers may result in legal and disciplinary action.
  4. User understands that deliberate misuse of eShipGlobal may result in revocation of the User’s access to eShipGlobal, and possibly other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by UTD.
  5. User and Supervisor both understand that accounts must be generated by UTD CRMS and that submitting this form does NOT automatically or immediately grant access to eShipGlobal’s services.
  6. User and Supervisor both acknowledge that UTD Policy and Texas State Law forbid the sharing of passwords, and agree to request separate accounts for each individual who may need to use eShipGlobal’s services.