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Student Union Suite 2.4

Caitlynn Fortner
SG President, SU 2.414

Grant Branam
SG Vice President, SU 2.412

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The Student Senate is a diverse body of senators from each academic classification and school. With the exception of officers, each senator sits on a standing committee. Each senator is either elected or appointed to a one year term on the Student Senate. The President and Vice President are elected by the student body. The Secretary, Treasurer, and committee chairs are nominated and selected by the Student Senate.

UT Dallas Student Government governing documents: Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules

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2015-2016 Officers

Caitlynn Fortner

President - Caitlynn Fortner

The president facilitates the senate and executive committee meetings, executes legislation passed by the senate and serves as a representative of the student body to the administration.

“I chose UT Dallas for its emphasis on academics, and also because of its diversity. Since high school I have devoted myself to fighting hunger through agricultural research, and I would like to have more hunger-awareness events on campus. As Student Government president, I will focus on connecting my fellow student leaders to one another by keeping communication in Senate and between organizations open and transparent. In order to empower more and different students, I will focus on efficient policies in Senate, as well as consistent interfacing with students on campus.”

Grant Branam

Vice President - Grant Branam

The vice president assists the president with their duties, serves as president in their absence and coordinates internal business of the student senate.

“I chose UT Dallas for its diverse, personal atmosphere and its high academic standards. Since joining Student Government Senate as a freshman, I have been a part of establishing student traditions such as the homecoming tailgate and campaigning for mental health support on campus. As Student Government vice president, I will focus on creating an environment where all students have a voice, connect with one another and work together to incite change. To empower students, I will focus on integrating Student Government and student organizations, increase involvement in campus politics and instill passion for UT Dallas.”

Secretary - Casey Sublett

The secretary keeps a record of all proceedings of the student senate and executive committee in conjunction with the SG advisor. For meeting minutes, agendas and sound-offs, visit the Meetings page.

Treasurer - Katie Truesdale

The treasurer provides a monthly financial report to the student senate and publishes a biannual report that describes previous allocations and budgetary status.


Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Graduates
  • Joseph Campaign
  • Harris Chowdhary
  • Carlos Guerrero
  • Raviteja Lingineni
  • Neel Reddy
  • Jonathan Schueler
  • Praharshitha Veeramraju
  • Jason Wayne
  • Noah Mudd
  • Anders Nelson
  • Rebecca Tjahja
  • Ivan Torres
  • Raja Reddy
  • Pooshan Shah
  • Neha Singh
  • JW Van Der Schans
  • Andrew Weis
  • Jake Colling
  • Christian Filsouf
  • Luis Garcia Fuentes
  • Hannah Hubbard
  • HJ Kim
  • Jessica Meah
  • Nyemike Okonkwo
  • Nishan Persad
  • Sindhu Reddy

  • Charlie Hannigan
  • Nisha Isaac
  • Becky Jin
  • Anupam Kumar
  • Tyler Ortega
  • Akshitha Padigela
  • Adam Richards
  • Casey Sublett
  • Sukaina Syed
  • Katie Truesdale
  • Megha Bhatnagar
  • Brett Cease
  • Ziya Cologulu
  • Benjamin Eschler
  • Yitong Gao
  • Gaurav Gawali
  • Varun Shende
  • May Soe
  • Zhongwei Wang


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