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Brooke Knudtson
SG President, SU 2.414

Nancy Fairbank
SG Vice President, SU 2.412

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The Student Senate is a diverse body of senators from each academic classification and school. With the exception of officers, each senator sits on a standing committee. Each senator is either elected or appointed to a one year term on the Student Senate. The President and Vice President are elected by the student body. The Secretary, Treasurer, and committee chairs are nominated and selected by the Student Senate.

UT Dallas Student Government governing documents: Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules

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2014-2015 Officers

Brooke Knudtson

President - Brooke Knudtson

The president facilitates the senate and executive committee meetings and executes legislation passed by the senate. She serves as a representative of the student body to the administration.

“The best thing about UT Dallas is our ability to offer students the chance to make a difference through leadership, service and campus involvement. I love that as Comets we have the ability to shape our university through student voices, and I love that the administration recognizes our efforts to incite change. There’s an open door to any idea that encourages students to develop intellectual and innovative views.

My favorite UT Dallas event is Homecoming because I get to see orange and green ribbons on every tree, hear campus cheers at basketball games and watch students enjoying themselves at the tailgate. It’s a week full of spirit and tradition that’s just one of the best displays of Comet pride.

In addition to SG, I’m the chief recruitment officer for Kappa Alpha Theta, a cheerleader, a member of the John Marshall Pre-Law Society and a Discipline Committee member.”

Nancy Fairbank

Vice President - Nancy Fairbank

The vice president assists the president with his duties. She serves as president in her absence and coordinates internal business of the student senate.

“I think UT Dallas is at a very special point in its history. Our campus is growing and changing at an amazing pace, and a key goal of Student Government this academic year is to help make those changes as smooth as possible for the student body.

We want to advocate for better food options and expanded parking to ensure that future generations of Comets are satisfied with things the University has to offer. I also believe this is a pivotal time for creating campus traditions that will be long-standing, as well as for increasing school spirit. A key part of problem-solving is increasing SG outreach by having more visibility, so we’ll aim to make ourselves regularly available around campus.

Outside of SG, I’m a McDermott Scholar, a member of the John Marshall Pre-Law Society and I’m on the Undergraduate Dean’s Advisory Council.”

Secretary - Sabrina Arnold

The secretary keeps a record of all proceedings of the student senate and executive committee in conjunction with the SG advisor. For meeting minutes, agendas and sound-offs, visit the Meetings page.

Treasurer - Nicole Watson

The treasurer provides a monthly financial report to the student senate and publishes a biannual report that describes previous allocations and budgetary status.


Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate
  • Branam, Grant
  • Colling, Jake
  • Girella, Emanuel
  • Hankin, Michael
  • Loomer, Zach
  • Lopez, Brooke
  • Moore, Brian
  • Mudd, Noah
  • Reina, Nick
  • Reddy, Rajadhar (Raja)
  • Shah, Pooshan
  • Shukla, Karan
  • Thiagarajan, Uttara
  • Tjahja, Rebecca (Becca)
  • Wu, Chih-I (Rebecca)
  • Cruz, John D (Jake)
  • Fairbank, Nancy
  • Gordon, Michael
  • Pasha, Zaheer
  • Padigela, Akshitha
  • Vipulanadan, Yarlini

  • Hannigan, Russell (Charlie)
  • Knudtson, Brooke
  • Kumar, Anupam
  • Le, Emily
  • Meah, Jessica
  • Syed, Sukaina
  • Truesdale, Katie
  • Watson, Nicole
  • Arnold, Sabrina
  • Bricker, Daniel
  • Butterfield, Isaac
  • Vaughan, Molly
  • Sullivan, Tim
  • Arsali, Sibghatullah
  • Eschler, Ben
  • Goradia, Jinali
  • Katz, Alex
  • Love, Patrick
  • Mehta, Tanvi
  • Wang, Qingyun
  • Wang, Zhongwei (Zhon-way)
  • Wolff, Karl


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