SPEAK: Speech Project for Errors of Articulation in Kids

This study is focused on identifying and classifying subtypes of speech production disorders as well as genetic contributions to speech sound production disorders through analysis of acoustic information and family DNA.

To enroll or refer children, contact Jenny McGlothlin at 214-905-3014 or [email protected]

Criteria for Enrollment

  • Children aged 3-8 years
  • Have an Articulation Disorder
  • Able to participate in speech imitation tasks
  • Primary language is English


  • Known hearing Impairment
  • Have an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Known severe cognitive impairment
  • Known Traumatic Brain Injury


  • Testing takes approximately 2 hours
  • Participants receive $50 for study participation
  • Testing done at UT Dallas Callier Dallas or Callier Richardson

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