SME Resources

One of our goals is to facilitate the development of preK-14 teachers into skilled educators with a depth pedagogical content knowledge in the sciences and/or mathematics through best practices in science and mathematics education reflective of cutting-edge research and national STEM education reform initiatives. To do this our department is providing resources that may be helpful to you in your research and in your classroom teaching.

SME’s resource webs provide links to tools and resources that support a variety of Science/Mathematics Education programs. Created by UTD SME associates, many of these sites have been designed specifically for science/mathematics educators. Extending from scientific and/or educational research, they are available for your use as well!  

Please see the Curricular Resources Page for helpful curriculum for your classroom. 


  • Maximizing Opportunities for All Children (.pdf), written by Dr Fred Fifer, is designed to help teachers monitor their teaching. Through the activities teachers can determine how to change student behaviors and interactions. 


Reference Tools


Research Resources 


Productivity Tools  

  • LucidChart – free concept mapping-flowchart software
  • MindMaple – free and low price versions of concept mapping software for PC and Mac
  • Cmap – Another free concept mapping software 
  • Inspiration – a visual thinking and learning software application


Educational Links