Space Science Resources

CINDI Mission

Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) for NASA’s CINDI Mission: Launched in 2008, CINDI was selected for an extended mission and a 2011 NASA Group Achievement Award. The project has an active E/PO program in partnership between the Department of Science/Mathematics Education and the UTD William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences.

Activities include curriculum development, video resources, teacher workshops at conference and in partnership with SME programs and courses, and of course the multiple CINDI comic books.

For more details and the FREE downloads for the CINDI comic books visit the CINDI page. Be sure to peruse the multiple pages within the Education tab. Selected Teacher resources are found on our CINDI Mission Education page.

Stars and Planets

Dr. Mary Urquhart, developed her “Stars and Planets” middle school curriculum, and with NASA funding managed by the Space Telescope Science Institute in the form of an IDEAS grant, provided kits and field-tested the lessons with 10 8th grade teachers in 8 junior high schools in Richardson ISD.

Portions of Stars and Planets remain in regular use in local schools, in the MAT program, the UTD Women in Physics Camps, and in the UTeach Dallas Knowing and Learning course. Since its completion in 2007, the curriculum has been distributed on CD and by Web download at state, national and local teacher conferences, statewide through the TRC. 

The curriculum is also available for you to download.

Lunar Phase Wheel

Moon phase manipulative designed by Dr Mary Urquhart to help student understanding of the lunar cycle.

Sun, Earth, Space: The Energy Balance Game

Manipulative designed by Dr. Mary Urquhart to help student understanding of …

Reaching for the Red Planet

Dr. Mary Urquhart continued her curriculum with a focus on Mars with “Reaching for the Red Planet: Founding a colony on Mars.” This curriculum was housed originally with University of Colorado at Boulder and will be updated and moved here shortly. If you would like more information on this curriculum, contact Dr. Urquhart.

Mars by National Geographic

As part of the new Mars Education page, the Interactive Mars Globe and Teacher Guide and completely free for use with teachers. SME Department Head & UTeach Dallas Co-Director Dr. Mary Urquhart served as the science content expert, as well as, education consultant and writer for these resources on National Geographic.

MARS, a National Geographic Channel six-part event series, tells the story from the vantage point of a fictitious crewed mission to Mars in 2033. MARS aired November 14, 2016. Bring MARS into your classroom with materials on the solar system, space exploration, and research.