Professional Development

SME Professional development ranges from workshops, district partnerships, to the regional collaboratives.

The UT Dallas Collaborative for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching (TRC)img_7074

A grant-supported program, the UTD TRC is one of 66 Texas Regional Collaboratives dedicated to providing support systems of scientifically researched, sustained, and high intensity professional development to in-service Science or Mathematics teachers. A cadre of Science and Math Teacher Mentors attend at least a hundred hours of professional development, which may include summer sessions, Saturday sessions, and MAT course work, and train additional cadre members. The UTD TRC provides some MAT tuition support, abundant teacher materials, opportunities to attend teacher conferences.

In addition, TRC Computer Science training was offered for the first time in summer 2016 and we hope to continue that each summer.


The SME is also involved with other grant funded programs for teacher professional development, such as the IIE and

The Institute for Instructional Excellence iie1

The Institute for Instructional Excellence (TIIE) at UT Dallas is part of the the Department of Science and Mathematics Education housed within the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Our focus is to assist campuses and districts in building teacher capacity in designing, implementing, and assessing inquiry-based learning environments across all grade levels and content areas. We accomplish this through a unique instructional model, coaching, and developing teachers as leaders of instruction. Professional Learning Partner

The University of Texas at Dallas, TIIE, and SME has made a commitment to support the expansion of computer science education throughout North Texas. As a Professional Learning Partner, our goal is to support districts in establishing computer science pathways for all students.

UTeach Dallas Induction

elps_UTeach Dallas Induction is both an outreach program, and an essential part of the UTeach model. After placement in local classrooms, graduates are provided new teacher kits and regular support services for up to three years. The Induction Coordinator visits Inductees in their schools. Inductees are also provided ongoing professional development, with about one meeting a month. UTeach Dallas Induction is partnered with the UTD TRC programs to provide opportunities for new and experienced teachers to interact. Currently, 74 UTeach Dallas graduates are supported through UTeach Dallas Induction. Graduates from other UTeach programs who are teaching in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are also eligible to participate in UTeach Dallas Induction. Once graduates are experienced teachers no longer needing Induction, UTeach Dallas is happy to recruit former Inductees to be one of the ~80 Mentor Teachers working with the program in local schools.

Short-Term Professional Development for Teachers

NSTA Manipulatives presentation SME faculty and UTD TRC participants provide dozens of workshops for teachers every year, outside of the context of UTD TRC and UTeach Dallas Induction Programs. Offerings include workshops and short courses at national, state, and local teacher conferences, special offerings at UTD, workshops in local schools and the Regional Education Service Centers. More details on the Outreach pages.