Student Organization Advisor Spotlight: April 2018

Ashfia Salemin

Ashfia Salemin

Ashfia, we call her "Treena apu", is simply the best advisor that the Bangladeshi Student Organization could have. She is exceedingly adept the most challenging aspect of being an advisor: knowing when to step in and give advice, while allowing students run the club as independently as possible. Ashfia is willing to let the students take charge of meetings and events but is not afraid to offer insight when important considerations are not being taken into account. This means that students are given ample opportunity to learn from their own mistakes, while also benefitting from her years of experience.

Organization Affiliation

Bangladeshi Student Organization, Advisor

Department Affiliation

Galerstein Gender Center, Administrative Assistant II

What is your most memorable advising moment?

Actually I have couple of them. The first memory is when BSO won the Student Organization of the Month in February 2018, the vice president called me right away to give me the great news. Then I called the president to say congratulations and he had no clue! So I told him, since he had no idea what I am talking about, I wouldn't say anything else and let him figure it out on his own. He kept asking me but I ignored. Then a few minutes later, he called me back and you could hear the joy and excitement in his voice. He was so happy and it made me so happy and proud of them to be part of this great organization.

The second moment was when BSO won 4 Student Leadership awards in 2013. It is one the biggest achievement in BSO’s history.

What advice do you have for other student organization advisors?

Even though they may feel the urge to resist at times, make sure the students follow university policies and rules.

Fun Fact

Ashfia Salemin is a light hearted comedian. There is not a single moment that goes by when she does not spread her positivity through her jokes and laughter. She always remembers to hum old Bengali movie songs whenever the mood needs a lift and always tries to crack a joke even though it makes no sense.

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