Student Organization Advisor Spotlight: May 2018

Dr. Darcy Dr. Darcy

Sheena D'Arcy

Dr. D'Arcy has been an outstanding mentor and advisor to the UT Dallas Biochemistry Association since inception in 2015. An advocate for student leadership and professional growth opportunities, she has constantly promoted student involvement on campus. In fact, she makes every effort to allow us to interact and converse with like-minded professionals, and she has given us every opportunity to spearhead and chair public events. She's very honest in her criticisms and always seeks for ways to improve both our execution of events and ourselves. She has been personally involved in our events, meetings, and campus activities, and has been supportive of our discussions and decisions. Maintaining communication with her is easy, and she always tries to balance her work and family life with the organization. As a student organization advisor, she has exceeded her role, and as a mentor, she has driven the personal growth of the board members and our organization members.

Organization Affiliation

UT Dallas Biochemistry Association, Advisor

Department Affiliation

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

What is your most memorable advising moment?

My most memorable advising moment is when we ran an undergraduate research conference at UTD on a Saturday morning. I was impressed that so many students participated on the weekend and so proud of the committee for their organization. The event ran so smoothly that you would have thought it was run by professional event planners. Also, when they surprised me with cake for my birthday at a general planning meeting

What advice do you have for other student organization advisors?

I advise other advisors to have an open-door policy. The students that run the Biochemistry Association are enthusiastic and talented. They do all the work. I just try to be a resource if they get stuck or need someone to advocate for them.

Fun Fact

Dr. D'Arcy chose between a career in science and a career in dancing.

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