Chapter 1

Student Organization Center (SOC)

The Student Organization Center located in the Student Union (SU 2.416) is the ‘campus hub’ for student organizations and campus events. Commonly referred to as the SOC, the Student Organization Center helps UT Dallas students become more connected to campus life. We provide resources and services for student organizations and for students interested in participating in the many activities at UT Dallas. We encourage all UT Dallas students to Explore.Engage.Create.

The Student Organization Center staff members are here to help. We serve as resources, advisors, and educators. Rely on SOC staff members for clarification, guidance and advice. We take great pride in our work to support students as well as the educational mission of The University of Texas at Dallas.

The Student Organization Center (SOC) maintains current information on each registered student organization, its officers or authorized representatives, its purpose, and its advisor. A student wishing to contact an organization may readily find information by visiting the SOC Office or by searching the Registered Student Organization database at

Categories of UT Dallas Student Organizations

There are a variety of student organizations that you can join at UT Dallas. Groups are dynamic, some continuing year after year, with new groups added every year. A general description of the types of organizations follows:

Academic Interest

Provide support for academic subjects

Art and Music

Promote the enjoyment and/or performance of art and/or music

Club Sports

Promote and develop common sports or recreation related interests


Provide support for students of various ethnic groups during their academic careers and promote cultural understanding


Promote the attainment of academic and professional excellence and establish a liaison between a particular school and the University


Fraternities and Sororities


Intended for students who are pursuing a particular field of study or who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement


Provide a means for students to support political issues, political parties, and candidates seeking office


Provide athletic oriented programs and/or recreational activities


Provide a means for students of a particular denomination or religious affiliation to interact with others


Provide volunteers for on-campus and off-campus service-related projects

Special Interest

Focus on a specific interest or topic


Organizations that are funded by the University (SUAAB, Student Government, Cheerleaders, Student Ambassadors,Power Dancers, etc)

Resources and Services in the SOC

Come to the SOC for assistance and support for your student organization. If we don’t have what you need, we will work to help you get it. Complimentary services include:

  • Student organization mailboxes
  • Student organization storage lockers
    • Lockers must be utilized for student organization purposes only and must be vacated upon notice by SOC staff.
  • Computer access for student organization officers
  • Event enhancers
  • Copying and laminating for student organization materials
  • Courtesy fax machine for all students (long distance faxes require a calling card)
  • Banners and posters
  • Art supplies
  • Bulletin boards
    • Bulletin boards are awarded on a first-come first-served basis for student organizations that have been in existence for one year or more. Bulletin boards must be updated and maintained.