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May 2018
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The Infinity Lions Club

Mission Statement

The Infinity Lions Club is a service organization that provides volunteering assistance and financial support to underprivileged community members. The organization’s mission is “We Serve,” which was in evidence during the past year with more than 2000 service hours and more than $2,800 donated to the umbrella Lions Club International organization and New Camp Horizon for Diabetic Kids.

What is the one event that your organization is most proud of hosting?

The Banquet — If your life is going inaction, join us to get it back in action. A night of fun, entertainment and food with family and friends.

Upcoming Events



Minnie's Food Pantry



Dallas Police Health Fair



Sports Day for the Blind and Disabled

Organization Officers

President: Srivaishnavi Ramakrishnan

Vice President: Raghunandan Reddy Jhampa

Secretary: Elizabeth Wilson

Treasurer: Shweta Pathak

Faculty Advisors: Avanti Sethi

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