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Food Policy

Rules and Regulations for Sale and Distribution of Food on Campus by Student Life Entities and Registered Student Organizations

General Policies

The food policy at UT Dallas is driven by two overriding principles.  First and foremost, we are concerned for the safety of students, staff, and faculty who participate in campus activities.  We are required to adequately manage the risks associated with food consumption which includes following proper food handling procedures and ensuring that all food consumed on campus has been prepared following health and safety rules and laws.  To serve the UT Dallas community, the university has a contract with a food service vendor, which handles catering and food service on campus. The food service vendor has the “right of first refusal” on any food events on campus, meaning that the food service vendor should be offered the opportunity to provide service for events that have food.  In certain circumstances, other food vendors can be used; for example, if the food service vendor is unable to provide a certain kind of menu or if a more competitive price can be found from another source.  However, all food must be prepared by a licensed catering company.  Specific guidelines and exceptions are described below.

All student events selling or distributing food on campus must obtain approval through the Application for Facilities Request (room reservation).

All foods must be packaged in individual servings, and individually wrapped, such as slices of cake or bread, cookies, or have a natural protective skin such as oranges, apples, or bananas.

The use of grills for preparing food is restricted to licensed caterers, specifically the on-campus catering service.

No foods may be distributed that contain uncooked milk, cream cheese, eggs, whipped cream, yogurt, or frostings made with egg whites or yolks.

Foods that require refrigeration or heating may not be sold or distributed.  Some examples are custards, cream pies, puddings, meat, fish, poultry, pork, eggs, or cooked beans, rice, and potatoes.

Anyone handling food must be approved through the Application for Facilities Request (room reservation) by indicating acknowledgement of, and compliance with, these rules and regulations.

All student events must provide utensils, plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, etc to the consumers.

All student events must provide plastic bags for wrapping and trash.

Examples of Approved and Not Approved Food Items

Some examples of approved and not approved food items at Student Life events:

Approved Not Approved
Baked goods
Member-sponsored potluck
Personal Brown Bag Lunch
Any Delivery items other than pizza
Anything that must be heated
Anything that must be refrigerated
Cream Cheese
Home cooked dishes
Lunch meat

Food Handling Guidelines

No student or staff member shall handle or prepare food while infected with a communicable disease that can be transmitted by foods or who is a carrier of organisms that cause such a disease or while afflicted with a boil, an infected wound, or an acute respiratory infection.

Food handlers must wear plastic disposable gloves at all times when preparing, serving, or handling food.

Food handlers and preparers must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water in all of the following instances:

  • Before starting food handling or preparing after visiting the toilet
  • After coughing or sneezing into hands or handkerchief
  • After smoking
  • After handling boxes, create, packages, and other soiled articles
  • After handling garbage
  • After handling money

Food handlers and preparers must not use tobacco in any form while engaged in food preparation or service.

Food handlers and preparers must keep fingers and hands out of food and not taste food with fingers.

Food handlers and preparers must never use a tasting spoon twice.  Food handlers and preparers must carry and serve food in a sanitary manner.

Exceptions and special circumstances

Student organizations and departments may hold a pot-luck with home-cooked or prepared food.  The food may be not given or distributed to students at large (group members only).  The sale of home-cooked or prepared food is not permitted.

Pizza delivered from an off-campus licensed caterer/restaurant is permitted.

Updated: August 21, 2008