Student Organization Center

Types of Student Organizations

There are a variety of student organizations that you can join at UT Dallas.

Academic Interest — Provide support for academic subjects

Art and Music — Promote the enjoyment and/or performance of art and/or music

Club Sports — Promote and develop common sports or recreation related interests

Cultural — Provide support for students of various ethnic groups during their academic careers and promote cultural understanding

Departmental/Educational — Promote the attainment of academic and professional excellence and establish a liaison between a particular school and the University

Greek — Fraternities and sororities

Honor — Intended for students who are pursuing a particular field of study or who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement

Political — Provide a means for students to support political issues, political parties, and candidates seeking office

Recreation — Provide athletic oriented programs and/or recreational activities

Religious — Provide a means for students of a particular denomination or religious affiliation to interact with others

Service — Provide volunteers for on-campus and off-campus service-related projects

Special Interest — Focus on a specific interest or topic

Sponsored — Organizations that are funded by the University (SUAAB, Student Government, Spirit — Cheerleaders, Crush, Power Dancers)


Updated: October 31, 2012