The 16th Annual: State Politics and Policy Conference   •   May 19 - 21, 2016   •   UT Dallas


Conflicting Constituencies: Why States Pass Pro-Immigrant Policies PDF Michael Rivera
Consequences of Committee Jurisdiction Reorganization in State Legislatures PDF Todd Makse
Considering the Prospects for Identifying a Gerrymandering Standard PDF Robin Besta
Shawn J. Donahueb
Jonathan Krasnoc
Daniel B. Maglebyd
Michael D. McDonalde
Controlling Disasters: Local Emergency Management Perceptions About Federal Emergency Management and Homeland Security Actions After September 11, 2001 PDF Sean Hildebrand
Dynamic Responsiveness in the American States, 1936-2014 PDF Devin Caughey
Christopher Warshaw
How Bill Sponsorship and Measure Popularity Influence the Decision of State Legislators to Discuss Direct Legislation Elections PDF Marie-Catherine Wavreille
How Clustering Shapes Redistricting Tradeoffs PDF Justin Levitt
In Voters' Minds, Are All Politics Really Local? Comparing Voters’ Knowledge of National and Local Politics PDF Michael Binder
Matthew Childers
Andrew Hopkins
Colleen Hampsey
Institutional Control of Redistricting and the Geography of Representation PDF Barry Edwards
Michael Crespin
Ryan Williamson
Maxwell Palmer
Is Threat in the Eye of the Researcher? Theory, Definition, and Measurement in the Study of State-Level Immigration Policymaking PDF Alexandra Filindra
It's All Relative: Understanding "Women Friendliness" Between and Within States PDF Nicholas Pyeatt
Alixandra B. Yanus
Local Officials as Partisan Operatives: An Examination of Early Voting Sites in Texas CountiesPDF Andrea Eckelman
Markie McBrayer
R. Lucas Williams
Production of Significant Legislation in the American States PDF Nathaniel A. Birkhead
Return of the 'Rightful Remedy': Nullification Legislation in the American States PDF Adam Olson
Timothy Callaghan
Andrew Karch
Sources of Legislative Proposals: A Survey PDF Rick Farmer
The Cost of Voting in the American States: Creating a Comprehensive Index PDF Quan Li
Michael J. Pomante II
Scot Schraufnagel
The Drifting City: The Preemption of Local Discretion PDF Jeffrey Swanson
Charles Barrilleaux
The Electoral Cycle and Tax Changes in the American States PDF Carlisle Rainey
Kevin Stout
Richard F. Winters
Voter Recall of Ballot MeasuresPDF Craig M. Burnett
Janine Parry
Jay Barth
What Makes a Decision Difficult for State Legislators? PDF Kristin O'Donovan
Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson
Steven V. Betz
Who Gets What? Lawmakers, Constituents, and District Spending in the States PDF Gerald Gamm
Thad Kousser
Working Paper: Policy Entrepreneurs After Policy Success and Failure: Evidence From Open Space Referendums PDF Carrie Gill
Corey Lang
Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz

2016 — The 16th Annual State Politics and Policy Conference

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