The 16th Annual: State Politics and Policy Conference   •   May 19 - 21, 2016   •   UT Dallas

Registered Participants as of April 27

Santiago Alles [email protected]
Zachary Baumann [email protected]
Michael Berkman [email protected]
Michael Binder [email protected]
Nathaniel Birkhead [email protected]
Frederick Boehmke [email protected]
Chris Bonneau [email protected]
Ann Bowman [email protected]
Brent Boyea [email protected]
Regina Branton [email protected]
Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo [email protected]
Adam Brown [email protected]
Tom Brunell [email protected]
Craig Burnett [email protected]
Dan Butler [email protected]
Timothy Callaghan [email protected]
Thomas Carsey [email protected]
Jason Casellas [email protected]
John Clawson [email protected]
James Clinger [email protected]
John Cluverius [email protected]
Michael Crespin [email protected]
John Curiel [email protected]
Stephanie Davis [email protected]
Paul DiPerna [email protected]
Shawn Donahue [email protected]
Weston Behrend Dunham [email protected]
Amanda Sahar d'Urso-Jadidi [email protected]
Joshua Dyck [email protected]
Andrea Eckelman [email protected]
Euel Elliott [email protected]
Kevin Fahey [email protected]
Rick Farmer [email protected]
Alexandra Filindra [email protected]
Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman [email protected]
Samantha Guthrie [email protected]
Donald Haider-Markel [email protected]
Michael Hail [email protected]
Daniel Hawes [email protected]
Morgan Hazelton [email protected]
Sean Hildebrand [email protected]
Jennifer Jensen [email protected]
Kristin Kanthak [email protected]
Jaclyn Kettler [email protected]
Patricia Kirkland [email protected]
Justin Kirkland [email protected]
Vladimir Kogan [email protected]
Thad Kousser [email protected]
Mary Kroeger [email protected]
Stefani Langehennig [email protected]
Meghan Leonard [email protected]
Denise Lillvis [email protected]
Robert Lowry [email protected]
Todd Makse [email protected]
Matthew Malone [email protected]
John McIver [email protected]
Seth McKee [email protected]
Jay Medina [email protected]
Benjamin Melusky [email protected]
Thessalia Merivaki [email protected]
Jamila Michener [email protected]
Peter Miller [email protected]
Banks Miller [email protected]
Bennet Min [email protected]
Jamie Monogan [email protected]
Billy Monroe [email protected]
Adam Myers [email protected]
Michael Nelson [email protected]
Kristin O'Donovan [email protected]
Stan Oklobdzija [email protected]
Janine Parry [email protected]
Shanna Pearson [email protected]
Justin Phillips [email protected]
Michael Pomante [email protected]
Carlisle Rainey [email protected]
Kevin Reuning [email protected]
Michael Ritter [email protected]
Steven Rogers [email protected]
Joseph Ross [email protected]
Abigail Rury [email protected]
Salvatore James Russo [email protected]
Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson [email protected]
Emily Schilling [email protected]
Scot Schraufnagel [email protected]
Enrijeta Shino [email protected]
Renu Singh [email protected]
Daniel Smith [email protected]
Jeffrey Swanson [email protected]
Matthew Thornburg [email protected]
Mona Vakilifathi [email protected]
Magic Wade [email protected]
Christopher Warshaw [email protected]
Alexander Wathen [email protected]
Marie-Catherine Wavreille [email protected]
Anne Whitesell [email protected]
Robert Williams [email protected]
Jonathan Winburn [email protected]
Jason Windett [email protected]
Dick Winters [email protected]
Jennifer Wolak [email protected]

2016 — The 16th Annual State Politics and Policy Conference

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