Senior Year Experience

20 Things To Do Before Graduation

The countdown to graduation has begun, and you don’t want to leave UT Dallas without completing this checklist!

  1. Spray paint Spirit Rock.
  2. Rub Cecil Green’s head for good luck.
  3. Grab a beverage with a professor in the PUB.
  4. Take advantage of a Career Expo – it will pay off.
  5. Compete in an intramural event.
  6. Help build and ride on a homecoming float.
  7. Complete Career Center's graduate follow-up survey.
  8. Participate in a service event through the Office of Student Volunteerism.
  9. Cheer your loudest at an athletic event.
  10. Take a picture with TEMOC on the Seniors Bench at Gazebo Park.
  11. Buy a brick for Legacy Lane.
  12. Polish your resume with help from the Career Center.
  13. Share all your UT Dallas wisdom with a freshman.
  14. Attend a Student Government meeting.
  15. Checkout alumni benefits from Alumni Relations.
  16. Attend a Senior Seminar Series event.
  17. Attend an Arts & Humanities production.
  18. Participate in Comet Countdown to Commencement.
  19. Take a picture while doing the whoosh under the Love Jack.
  20. Give a monetary gift through Alumni Relations.

Prepare for Graduation

UT Dallas diploma

Graduation and Commencement

The Office of the Registrar maintains a website with graduation information. Students must submit an application for the semester they plan to graduate.

Career Preparation

  • The Career Center is available to assist students with career decisions and job search techniques.
  • The Career Center also offers a career coach for students who are about to graduate and want assistance with their career transition.

Graduate/Professional School

Financial Matters

UT Dallas student
  • Financial aid counselors are available for exit interviews to ensure that students who have received financial aid understand their obligations upon completion of their degrees.
  • The Bursar’s Office can answer questions about outstanding financial obligations to UT Dallas.
  • Don't forget to spend the remaining UTDollars on your Comet Card! Check your UTDollars balance online at You can also stop by the Comet Card office for a refund before you leave.

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