CARE Awards

The CARE Awards, which stand for Celebrate Achievement, Reward Excellence, recognize staff who have demonstrated superior performance, offered outstanding customer service, and performed acts that have enhanced the image of the University. The awards are presented by the Staff Council and UT Dallas president to a maximum of six staff members at a ceremony held twice yearly. Awardees are also recognized at the Staff Council Forum, on the Staff Council website and in various UT Dallas publications.

Anyone can nominate a staff member for this award. Nominations are reviewed and held in confidence by a committee comprised of a representative from each Staff Council district and appointed by the Staff Council president. Nominations must be submitted using the current form indicated below.

An individual nominee must:

  • Be a regular employee, appointed at least 50 percent for at least 4 1/2 months
  • Have been employed beyond the probation period, usually six months
  • Be a staff member (non-faculty) at the level of director or below

Nomination deadlines:

  • Spring – March 31, 2021 (see below)
  • Fall – October 31, 2021

Beginning Nov 01, 2020:  Please use the following PDF: CARE Award Nomination Form when submitting a nomination.

For your convenience, the button below will open a blank email addressed to the CAREnominations inbox.  Please attach the completed form before sending.

Recent Award Recipients

Spring 2020 Winners:



No photo available.

  • Andrew Bittner, Engineering & Computer Science
  • Beverly Reed, Teaching Center
  • Jennifer Klunk, Mechanical Engineering
  • Melani Sherbet, Military and Veteran Center
  • Pulin Bhatt, Office Information Technology
  • Sylvia Smiley, Human Resources


Fall 2019 Winners:

Spring 2020 CARE Award Winners
  • Lindsey Boeshans, Honors College
  • Debra Boss, Procurement Management
  • Mark Powell, Engineering and Computer Science
  • Nora Pena, Human Resources
  • Gail Cepak, Center for BrainHealth
  • Cynthia Sorto, Community Engagement

Spring 2019 Winners:

Spring 2019 CARE Award Winners
  • Ashley Bradberry, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Joy Camp, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Suzanne Head, Office of Research
  • Carolyn Martin, Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Tamara McFarlen, Office of Budget and Finance
  • Jamie Polizzi, Division of Enrollment Management

Fall 2018 Winners:

Most Recent Spring Award Winners
  • Alison Bratton, Office of Research
  • Andrea Clark, Office Information Technology
  • Dena Davis, School of Arts and Humanities
  • Christopher Edwards, McDermott Library
  • Greg Melton, University Recreation
  • Anh Nguyen, Department of Community Engagement

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Sandee Goertzen Staff Council Member of the Year Award

The Staff Council selects one of its own to receive the annual Sandee Goertzen Staff Council Member of the Year Award. This award is the highest honor the Staff Council can bestow. Established in 2008, the award is named in honor of Sandee Goertzen, a founding member of the Staff Council who was instrumental in its continued success.

Past Award Recipients

  • Debra Greszler, 2020
  • Dennis Guten, 2019
  • Naomi Emmett, 2018
  • Chad Thomas, 2017
  • Lynn Butler, 2016
  • Daniel Calhoun, 2015
  • Melissa Wyder, 2014
  • Paula Austell, 2013
  • Jayar Howard Medlock, 2012
  • Lisa Garza, 2011
  • Caroline Crossley, 2010
  • Chris Dickson, 2009
  • Darlene Coppage, 2008