From Polos and Chocolates
to "Pomp and Circumstance"
How fund raising sales support staff education

The Staff Council Fund Raising Committee exists to support the education of the university staff. The Staff Council has two separate staff scholarship accounts. The general Staff Council Scholarship Fund is used for any benefits-eligible staff member who is attending a community college, university or accredited vocational school. The Jody Nelsen Staff Scholarship Fund is used for benefits-eligible staff members who are attending UT Dallas specifically.

Each year the Fund Raising Committee conducts various activities to raise money for these scholarship funds. All profits go straight back into the scholarship accounts. None of the money raised is spent on administration or overhead.

One of the quietest fundraising efforts is the ink cartridge and toner recycling program. With the gracious cooperation of Facilities Management, their staff pulls empty toners and cartridges from all the recycling bins around campus for bulk resale. They range in value from 50 cents to $10. All the money raised goes back to staff scholarships. This brings in over $1,000 every year.

chocolateThe Fund Raising Committee sells poinsettias and cacti in the winter, and teddy bears and chocolates on Valentine’s Day in February. Last year, the poinsettias sales made $635 in profit and the Valentine’s Day sales made $550.

This year, we also selling $10 raffle tickets for a purple parking pass and $100 gift cards for on-campus dining (see the full story in this month’s newsletter). In 2012, these raffles earned $1,500 in profit. Last year, the raffles grew to $2,200.

Polo shirtThe Fund Raising Committee sells staff polo shirts all year. The 2014 shirts are black in color. Some limited quantities of orange and green shirts are also available. To buy your own shirt, click The prices start at $30. This is a great opportunity to show your Comet pride. The sales raise a little over $100 per year.

Rockfish GrillWe also raise some money through Rockfish Mondays. On the first Monday of each month, the Staff Council earns money based on how many patrons at Rockfish Seafood Grill drop their receipts into the UT Dallas Staff Council box. If you want to contribute and get some good seafood, drop by their Richardson location on the first Monday of each month.

The Staff Council greatly appreciates all the donations, purchases and hard work done to benefit our staff scholarship funds.


Last Modified: May 29, 2015