Campus Growth Spurt Continues at UT Dallas

It is fair to say that UT Dallas is experiencing an exciting period of growth; the sights and sounds of construction are constant on campus as one new project after another breaks ground, promising more space, more services, and a more beautiful learning community for faculty, staff, and students alike. This high-energy atmosphere has helped to attract larger incoming classes of freshmen in recent years and the pace has shown few signs of slowing. In such an environment, change is the new normal as the campus adapts to the needs of the future.

Site plan
Northside at UT Dallas proposed site plan. Click image for larger view.

UT Dallas has made great efforts to provide top-quality student housing on campus. The next influx of student housing options will come with the construction of Northside at UT Dallas (Comet Town) for fall of 2016; located just north of Synergy Park Blvd, this space will feature new apartment-style housing spaces that will add some 600 beds, available to students, faculty, and staff. This space will also contain retail and entertainment space open to students and staff. On the longer-term, more on-campus dorm and apartment spaces are being considered, but the process is in the very preliminary planning stages.

The Student Services addition (SSB II) will greatly alter the make-up of the Drive A area by expanding the current space of SSB I by over 65,000 square feet. Existing parking patterns will be altered as Lot K is removed to make way for this extensive new construction. To mitigate the loss of Lot K, additional spaces have been already been added to the expanded Lot J and a new parking structure will be added directly to the west of the Clark Center to make up the difference. This parking structure will include guest/metered and handicapped spaces in addition to university colored parking.

Additional lab space is also being added on campus with the new Bioengineering and Sciences Building set to open in the fall of 2015 and an as yet unnamed building set to go up west of the Research and Operations Center (ROC)’s Lot V. This new construction will be a pre-engineered metal building designed to provide still more lab space to UT Dallas. Several different engineering programs are being considered as tenants for this new space, but a final decision has not yet been made by campus administration.

Still more projects are in the works for the future and 2015 promises to be another exciting year for UT Dallas.


Last Modified: May 29, 2015