SSB Addition Coming Soon

As The University of Texas at Dallas student population continues to grow, so does the need for space. In an effort to accommodate expanded student services and programs housed in the current Student Services Building (SSB), the construction and addition of the SSB has been approved with an estimated completion date of early fall 2016. The addition will add approximately 61,000 square feet to the current building and continue to be a one-stop shop for student services, a critical component to student success.

The key objective to the addition is to expand student engagement and foster the correlation between classroom and out-of-classroom experiences to help develop students during their academic career at UTD. Due to a substantial increase in enrollment over the past few years, student and administrative leaders across campus have been strong supporters behind the expansion and recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in regard to developing the whole student, thus improving student retention and overall graduation rates.

Although the current SSB was opened only four years ago, the rapid pace of enrollment over the past few years has created the need for additional space for students to conduct meetings, collaborate on programming, study, and participate in campus activities. This addition will help meet students' needs by providing a 530-seat multi-purpose auditorium, six meeting rooms accommodating 35-50 persons per room, and a large entry that doubles as a multi-purpose area where students can hang out, study, or conduct group meetings. The addition also includes a large gaming area.

The building addition is designed with students' needs in mind and to ensure UTD’s 300+ student organizations have adequate space for meetings and co-curricular programming. The auditorium will serve as a multipurpose room for lectures, seminars, orientations, group presentations, and various student activities and events.

As with any development plan for expansion and growth, there is potential for other areas to be impacted, and in this case, Parking Lot K will be eliminated with the construction of the SSB addition. However, plans for Parking Structure 2 (PS2) are in progress with an anticipated opening in August 2016. PS2 will be located just west of the Clark Center and include over 1100 spaces. Parking Structure 3 opened in fall 2014 providing an additional 771 spaces.

In addition to the critical need for space to effectively serve the needs of students, the need to increase staff must align with enrollment growth. Areas under the Student Affairs umbrella such as the Veterans Services Center, Student Programs, and the Student Union Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB) have experienced tremendous growth, as well as the establishment of a new service to students through the Center for Students in Recovery. The outcome of success in these areas naturally resulted in the need for additional office space and hence will be located in the new addition.

Along with the service centers previously mentioned, the following offices will also be housed in the SSB addition:

  1. Comet Center
  2. Vice President for Student Affairs
  3. Student Affairs Marketing
  4. Building Operations / Housing Operations

The International Center, Career Center, Student Counseling Center, Student Wellness Center, and the Dean of Students Office will remain in the current building.

UTD has exceeded the projected enrollment each year for the past several years - 32% in the past five years. Enrollment of more than 25,000 students will position the university to compete with the best research institutions in the country. However, in order to sustain the quality of student services, programming and development of our students, infrastructure to keep pace with recent trends of double-digit enrollment growth must be in place. Additional space in the Student Services Building will help UT Dallas meet its goal of becoming a nationally competitive Tier One research university.



Last Modified: May 29, 2015