UT System EAC — Working for All Staff

The UT Dallas has a Staff Council and Faculty Senate to manage employee issues concerning the UT Dallas campus.  At times these matters are also concerns on other UT Systems campuses. 

The University of Texas System Employee Advisory Council, or EAC, is a staff advisory group for the entire UT System. The University of Texas System is one of the nation’s largest systems in Higher Education, with nine academic institutions and six health institutions that educate more than 216,000 students and employ 87,000 faculty and staff. The EAC works alongside the UT System Faculty Advisory Council and the Student Advisory Council.

Paula Austell and Rochelle Peña are the UT Dallas representatives to the EAC. Each year the EAC meets with the Board of Regents to present information and make recommendations regarding issues of importance to the employees of UT System. At the beginning of each fiscal year the EAC meets to compare notes on the individual issues of concern for employees.  Frequently, these are system-wide concerns. This year the four top EAC initiatives are:

One System One Voice

Enhance communication efforts from the EAC to our System- and campus-level counterparts, with an emphasis on Consistency, Efficiency, Clarity, and Collaboration to further our service to the people of Texas.

Managing Workplace Dynamics

Research and recommend best practices for the establishment and maintenance of a consistent and inclusive culture amongst all UT System institutions that emphasizes respect and collaboration.

Career Development

To identify campus employee professional development needs.  Thereafter, the committee will identify cost effective means to afford campus employees access to professional development opportunities while striving to synergize and benchmark professional development programs existing throughout the various UT System campuses.  Ultimately, the Career Development committee strives to consolidate professional development materials into a “Tool Box” which UT System employees can access and continuously improve their professional leadership and management skill sets.

UT Fit

To review the 80th Legislature House Bill 1297, effective Sept 1, 2007, and assess implementation at all UT System Components including the provision to allow for 30 minutes of physical activity three times per week during the workday.  The committee will identify wellness programs at each of the institutions and identify best practices at UT components and other state agencies.

If you have an issue or concern of interest to UT System employees, please complete an Issue Proposal form and email the completed form to Kimberly Coleman, Chair, Employee Advisory Council, [email protected].


Last Modified: May 29, 2015