Welcome to our Newest Staff

February to April 2015
Achanta, Hema Kumari — Systems Engineering 
Antonopoulos, Angelos — Electrical Engineering
Arnaoudova, Venera — Computer Science
Ashmore, Lara — CBH/Brain Performance Institute
Ayers, Yolanda — Accounting and Financial Reporting
Beaudrie, Aaron  — Office of Enrollment Services
Bell, Victoria — ECS Student Services - IPP
Black, Bryan — Texas Biomedical Device Center
Blackwell, Peyton — Center for Brain Health
Budd, Jennifer — Management
Bykova, Julia — Nanotech Institute
Cabrera, Wilfredo — Materials Science and Engineering
Calvert, Andrew — Audiology
Cane, Flordeliza — Mechanical Engineering
Case, Yevgeniya (Jane) — CBH/Brain Performance Institute
Chavez, Maria-Emilia — University Library
Chen, Jie — Bioengineering
Chiou Jr., Wun — Research 
Choate, Hanna — Office of Enrollment Services
Clark, Sonya — Computer Science
Connolly, Iolani — Science and Engieering Education Center
Crues, Scott — Environmental Health and Safety
Do, Cathy — Management
Dockery, James — Institutional Equiity and Compliance
Durham, Michael — Facilities Management
Gage, Cameron — University Police
Goldberg, Dresden — Management
Goldfarb, Doron — A&H
Gonzalez, Clarissa — Office of the Registrar
Groll, Lorrie  — Executive Education
Haque, Syeda — Office of the Registrar
Hare, Ilisa — Callier Center
Ingram, Candiz — Callier Center
Jackson, Emily — Research
Jenkins, Teri — The UTD International Center
Johnson, Lauren — Callier Center
Johnson, Tracie — School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Johnston, Jeremy — Auxilary Programs
KC, Santosh — Materials Science and Engineering
Khoubrouy, Soudeh Ardestani — Electrical Enginneering
Knapp, Matthew — Callier Technical / IT
Kozlowski, Sarah — Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History
Lee, Jaeah — Nanotech Institute
Lin, San-Jao (Lynette) — Accounting and Financial Reporting 
Liner, David — Environmental Health and Safety
Liu, Cheng-Cheng — Physics
Liu, Yang — Chemistry
Megat, Salim  — Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Moldenhauer, Christine — Human Resources
Monjazeb, Melody — Accounting and Financial Reporting
Nicholls, Mae — Research
Noh, Jiyoung — Materials Science and Engineering
Papadimitratos, Alexios — Nanotech Institute
Perkins, Alishia — Office of Enrollment Services
Philips, Susan — Management
Pigg, Elizabeth — Management
Preston, Holly — ECS Dean's Office
Qin, Xiaoye — Materials Science and Engineering
Rader, Matthew — Research
Reynolds, Kelly — University Police
Rhodes, Christina — EPPS
Riley, Jonathan — Texas Biomedical Device Center
Ritchey, Steven — Facilities Management
Rockey, Michael — Network and Telecommunications Services
Roth, Phillip — Office of Communications
Rue, David — University Police  
Sawani, Ahsan — Office of the Registrar
Scarborough, Brooke — Management
Shedd, Dawn — Student Success Center
Smith, Alyssa — University Police
Solorzano, Bleyda "Ruby" — Texas Biomedical Device Center
Territo, Jennifer — Brain Performance Institute
Vincent, Shelby — Translation Center
Walsh, Lee Adam  — Materials Science and Engineering
White, Milana — Office of the Registrar
Whiting, Diane — Executive Education
Williams, Kathy — Callier Center
Wood, Sarah — Research
Zydorek, Hubert — JSOM



Last Modified: July 8, 2015