Staff Council Elections for 2015 — 2017

The Staff Council is now accepting nominations for the 2015-2017 term. The elections are conducted on a district by district basis. This year, a total of twenty-one (21) seats will be filled.

The Staff Council is an advisory body through which eligible staff members can convey information and make recommendations to the President regarding interests and concerns of Staff. The Council is constituted by the President and by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, with the goal of continually improving university operations and the well-being of UT Dallas' Staff.  Staff Council Representatives uphold the policies and procedures of UT Dallas as well as the objectives and mission of the Staff Council on behalf of the staff at UT Dallas: to work toward excellence in the workplace.  Representatives also communicate to UT Dallas staff members our mission, strive for a positive attitude and help fulfill UT Dallas’ overall goal of helping the UT Dallas community to build a stronger university.

The Staff Council serves as a consultative and deliberative body for Staff in:

  • addressing issues of concern that are unique to Staff,
  • fostering expanded opportunities for Staff involvement in campus governance,
  • building a sense of community by encouraging the exchange of ideas and concerns,
  • providing advice on university policy and procedures impacting Staff,
  • advising the University on Staff nominations to University Standing Committees as equal members,
  • promoting the growth and welfare of Staff, contributing to the success of UT Dallas,
  • increasing the sense of identity, recognition and worth of each staff member in his / her relationship to the University,
  • identifying concerns relating to Staff and to seek their solutions,
  • promoting the development and adoption of policies which will aid in retaining qualified personnel,
  • integrating the Staff into existing University affairs,
  • establishing and promoting University-wide activities, publications, workshops and seminars, and
  • creating a stronger bond within Staff.

Eligible Staff, represented by Staff Council, shall consist of all of UT Dallas' benefits-eligible and active classified employees appointed one-half time or more for at least 4 ½ months and Administrative & Professional employees below the level of Vice President/Vice Provost not represented by the Academic Senate. In addition, eligible staff must have a minimum of six months of continuous employment at UTD at the start of the term of office in September. Representatives are elected solely from the eligible Staff and shall be excused from their regular working hours up to six (6) hours per month to devote to Staff Council work, inclusive of time spent at Staff Council meetings.

Voting districts entitled to elect representatives are defined geographically by building/mail station.  Please periodically check our Staff Council Elections page for up-to-date details:  All nominations must be submitted in writing to the Staff Council President at mail stop AD40.


Last Modified: May 29, 2015