New Program for More Military-Friendly Campus

The UT Dallas Veteran Services Center is offering a new Green Zone training program to support and encourage our military veterans on campus. The Green Zone program works to establish a University-wide network of staff and faculty who can help shape a military-friendly campus culture. The term, Green Zone, originates in the military and indicates a safe zone in a combat area.  Institutions of higher education are independently developing training programs, and Green Zone has quickly become the industry standard for this military awareness training.

The learning outcomes of the Green Zone training program are for faculty and staff to have a better understanding of student veterans, develop confidence in teaching and working with student veterans, and increase their knowledge of the resources that are available for student veterans.

USA FlagsThe program has several sections that include:

  1. Military terminology, demographics and culture,
  2. Challenges for veterans as they transition to civilian and college life,
  3. Classroom considerations and tips for faculty,
  4. UT Dallas resources, and
  5. Community resources.

In addition, Green Zone participants learn about the UT Dallas student veteran experience during a panel discussion.

All participants receive a folder with information and resources related to veterans. At the conclusion, participants also receive a training certificate and decal for their offices.

If you are interested in learning more about The Green Zone training program, please contact the Veteran Services Center.


Last Modified: July 10, 2015