2017-2018 University Committees

The Staff Council recommends members to various university-wide committees. The official appointments are made by the University President or the Provost.

Committee appointments are generally made during the summer months for the upcoming fiscal year. If you would like to serve on a committee, please email the Staff Council.

University Committees

Academic Calendar Committee

  • Megan Gray Hering
  • Sheila Rollerson

Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee

  • Elizabeth Young

Campus Facilities Committee

  • Patrice Holt

Campus Wellness Committee

  • Elena Morten
  • Pinky Reyes
  • Georgetta Oliver

Committee on Parking and Transportation

  • Dee Lambert
  • Melissa Wyder

Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects

  • James Cannici
  • Susie Milligan
  • Sanaz Okhovat
  • Kerry Tate

Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity

  • Carrilaine Schneckner
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Letitia Andrews
  • Jane Shipman
  • Jazzmyn Wilson
  • Annette Rogers

eForms Committee

  • Michele Brown
  • DeAnn Hegi
  • Kelli Hanford
  • Debbie Buckner

Information Resources Security, Planning, and Policy Committee

  • Dennis Guten

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee

  • Jay Silber

University Safety and Security Council

  • Chad Thomas

University Sustainability Committee

  • Craig Lewis

Student Fee Advisory Committee

  • David Richardson
  • Jazzmyn Wilson

Academic Senate Committees

  • Naomi Emmett


Last Modified: October 27, 2017