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Arts and Technology Course Descriptions

ATEC 2382Computer Imaging (3 semester hours) Provides introductory experience in the use of computer software for image making. Digital graphics and photography methods are presented and applied to art and design applications. Computer images are published both in print form and as digital images on the Internet. (3-0) S
ATEC 3317 Introduction to 3D Animation (3 semester hours) Introduction to 3D modeling and animation. Emphasis on basic 3D modeling, shading, and animation. An overview of the high-end 3D application user interface and architecture is presented. A working knowledge of digital imaging, vector graphics, and basic concepts of animation is strongly recommended. Prerequisite: ATEC 2382 [Computer Imaging]. (3-0) S
ATEC 3327 Intermediate 3D Animation (3 semester hours) Continuation of work with 3D modeling and animation. Prerequisite: ATEC 3317 [Introduction to 3D Animation]. (3-0) Y
ATEC 3351 Computer Game Development (3 semester hours) Introduction to methods and techniques used in the design and creation of interactive computer games. Topics will include basic principles of animation, architecture, and deployment. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: CS 1337 or CS 2336. (3-0) S
ATEC 3361 Internet Studio (3 semester hours) Introduction to Internet based art. Explores the history and methods of web art through readings, class discussions, and creative projects. Class projects will integrate multiple disciplines, including design, animation, interactivity, audio, and writing. Students will use contemporary software tools to create personal and group web sites. Prerequisite: ATEC 2382 [Computer Imaging] or ARTS 2382. (3-0) Y
ATEC 3363 Basic Interaction Design (3 semester hours) Study of human-machine interaction for art and design applications. Students explore existing models for interaction as used in web-based publishing, game development, entertainment and artistic performances. The creation of new models of interaction using multi-modal devices (haptic devices) is pursued. Prerequisite: ATEC 2382 [Computer Imaging]. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4337 Advanced 3D Animation (3 semester hours) Advanced 3D modeling and animation concepts are presented. Emphasis is placed on producing mid-level 3D modeling, shading and animation. Three-dimensional character animation and 3D scripting tools are taught and utilized in the setup for animation. Workflow and problem-solving task management approaches are employed to achieve the optimum and animation results. Prerequisite: ATEC 3317. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4340 Issues in Arts and Technology (3 semester hours) Explores significant artistic, cultural, educational, and philosophic issues created by the emergence of the interactive arts. Topics will include the potential applications and implications of interactive media. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4346 Story-Telling for New Media (3 semester hours) Theory, principles and practice of narratives created for distribution via digital media. Includes study of the creation of both linear and nonlinear digital content for Internet distribution. Prerequisite: ATEC 3361 [Internet Studio]. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4347 Advanced Design (3 semester hours) Explores advanced concepts and techniques in design including the use of computer assisted creation of images. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: ATEC 3361 [Internet Studio] or ATEC 3363 [Basic Interaction Design]. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4357 Advanced Digital Arts (3 semester hours) Explores application of advanced computer imaging techniques to the creation of visual art. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: ATEC 3361 [Internet Studio] or ATEC 2382 [Computer Imaging]. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4367 Advanced Computer Game Development (3 semester hours) Study of advanced methods and techniques (literary, artistic, conceptual, technical) used in original game development. Students will be required to design, develop, and deploy computer games independently and as members of a team. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: CS 1337 or CS 2336. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4370 Topics in Arts and Technology (3 semester hours) Study of fundamental principles and basic techniques of arts and technology. Sections may be devoted exclusively to a single aspect of the arts and technology or to a multiplicity of subjects related to the field. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: Upper division standing. (3-0) R
ATEC 4380 Capstone Project (3 semester hours) Culminating course in Arts and Technology. Students will engage in the creation of an advanced creative and/or research project exploring the interaction of the arts with digital technology. Restricted to students majoring in Arts and Technology who are within one semester of graduation. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. (3-0) Y
ATEC 4V71 Independent Study in Arts and Technology (1-3 semester hours) Independent study under a faculty member’s direction. Signature of instructor on proposed project outline required. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing, and completion of all lower-division requirements in ATEC and permission of the instructor. ([1-3]-0) R

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