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Degree Programs

Other Degree Requirements

Incoming Freshmen

All students coming to The University of Texas at Dallas directly from high school must complete RHET 1101, Oral Communication/Critical Thinking, preferably during their first semester in attendance. Prior experience as a full-time student in college or many years in the work force may be a suitable substitute to RHET 1101. The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education or the Undergraduate Dean may waive this requirement based on a student’s prior experiences. This small group class focuses on the most important aspects of adapting to college. Students take part in discussions and demonstrations related to personal management, motivation, academic skills and work habits, communication skills and social relationships. Specific exercises promote critical thinking and creative planning. RHET 1101 contributes to the elective requirements within a student’s degree plan.

Double Degree

To qualify for a double degree, a student must complete all of the requirements for both degrees as stated in the catalog, plus 30 semester credit hours of upper-division (3000/4000) courses beyond those for the degree with the greater credit requirements for a minimum of 81 upper-division semester credit hours.

Double Major

With the approval of the relevant Associate Dean, students may complete a double major by satisfying all requirements set by each program. This shall include not fewer than 12 semester credit hours at the University in each major field.

If the two majors lead to a B.A. and a B.S., the student must choose which baccalaureate will appear on the degree. Double majors including American Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies are not available.

For information concerning honors, please see Graduation with Honors.

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Graduate Programs
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This catalog is a general information publication only. It is not intended to nor does it contain all regulations that relate to students. The provisions of this catalog do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any applicant, student or faculty member and The University of Texas at Dallas or The University of Texas System. The University of Texas at Dallas reserves the right to withdraw courses at any time, to change fees or tuition, calendar, curriculum, degree requirements, graduation procedures, and any other requirements affecting students. Changes will become effective whenever the proper authorities so determine and will apply to both prospective students and those already enrolled.

Statement on Equal Educational Opportunity
The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to an educational and working environment that provides equal opportunity to all members of the University community. In accordance with federal and state law, the University prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, and veteran status. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is also prohibited pursuant to University policy.