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Arts and Technology (B.A.)

Students who complete the major in Arts and Technology receive a thorough grounding in the mutually productive interaction of technology with the arts, with specific emphasis on the interplay of visual art, music, and narrative with the new modes of expression and communication that have emerged from the convergence of computing and media technologies. The program stresses not only the creation but also the potential applications and cultural implications of interactive media. A student majoring in Arts and Technology will be required to channel selected coursework according to individual needs and specialties. Particular attention should be given to the Prescribed Electives for the major, and close consultation with academic advisors is recommended. By selecting courses from a variety of the remaining elective headings, students are able to combine courses in technology and fine arts with course work in literary criticism and interpretation, creative writing and translation, and linguistics and languages.

Unless otherwise noted, courses in Arts and Technology are open to all students in the university. However, students majoring in Arts and Technology may be given preference in certain course enrollments.

Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Technology
Degree Requirements (120 hours)

I. Core Curriculum Requirements1: 42 hours

A. Communication (6 hours)

3 hours Communication (RHET 1302)

3 hours Communication Elective (ATEC 3320 or ATEC 3325)

B. Social and Behavioral Sciences (15 hours)

6 hours Government (GOVT 2301 and 2302)

6 hours American History

3 hours Social and Behavioral Science Elective

C. Humanities and Fine Arts (6 hours)

3 hours Fine Arts (FILM 2332)

3 hours Humanities (HUMA 1301)

D. Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (6 hours)

3 hours College Math (MATH 1314 is recommended)

3 hours Quantitative Mathematics (STAT 1342)

E. Science (9 hours including at least one course with a substantial laboratory component)

1Curriculum Requirements can be fulfilled by other approved courses from accredited institutions of higher education. The courses listed in parentheses are recommended as the most efficient way to satisfy both Core Curriculum and Major Requirements at UT Dallas.

II. Major Requirements, Lower Division: 21 hours

ARTS 1316 Drawing Foundations

ARTS 2380 2D Design Foundations

ATEC 2320 Introductory Topics in Arts and Technology

ATEC 2382 Computer Imaging

ATEC 2384 Basic Design Principles and Practices

CS 1337 Computer Science I

CS 2336 Computer Science II

III. Major Requirements, Upper Division: 24 hours

ARTS 3371 Black and White Photography

or ARTS 3372 Color Photography

or ARTS 3374 Technical Photography

or ARTS 3377 Digital Photography

ATEC 3317 3D Modeling for Computer Animation

ATEC 3320 Information Usability and Design

or ATEC 3325 Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication

ATEC 4340 Business and the Digital Arts

ATEC 4380 Capstone Project

CS 3333 Data Structures

or CS 3335 C and C++

or CS 3375 Principles of UNIX

or CS 4336 Advanced Java

HIST 3337 Technology and Western Civilization

or HIST 3374 American Technological Development

LIT 3334 Literature of Science

or LIT 3311 The Literature of Science Fiction and Fantasy

or HIST 3328 History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

IV. Elective Requirements: 33 hours

Prescribed Electives (15 hours)

Any five of the following:

AHST 3318 Contemporary Art

ATEC 3327 Digital Lighting and Texturing for Computer Animation

ATEC 3330 Digital Video Production

ATEC 3351 Computer Game Development

ATEC 3352 Computer Game Design

ATEC 3361 Internet Studio

or ATEC 3363 Basic Interaction Design

ATEC 3365 Virtual Environments

ATEC 4337 Computer Animation

ATEC 4345 Motion Capture Animation

ATEC 4346 Story-Telling for New Media

ATEC 4347 Advanced Design

ATEC 4348 Advanced 3D Modeling

ATEC 4349 Advanced Lighting and Texturing

ATEC 4357 Advanced Digital Arts

ATEC 4367 Advanced Computer Game Development

ATEC 4370 Topics in Arts and Technology

ATEC 4371 Topics in Animation

ATEC 4373 Topics in Game Development

ATEC 4374 Topics in Digital Design

ATEC 4375 Topics in Sound Design

MUSI 3389 Digital Music II

Advanced Electives (6 hours)

Students are required to take at least six hours of advanced electives outside their major field of study. These

must be either upper-division classes or lower-division courses that have prerequisites.

Free Electives (12 hours)

Both upper- and lower-division courses may be used as electives, but students must complete at least 51 hours of upper-division credit to qualify for graduation.