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Engineering and Computer Science Course Descriptions

ECS 3361 Social Issues and Ethics in Computer Science and Engineering (3 semester hours) This course exposes students to major theoretical approaches and modes of thinking in the social sciences while exploring a range of important issues in computing and engineering, and the interrelationship between technology and important elements of social systems. Areas of exploration include the interface between technology, culture, economy, gender, politics, and religion. Issues of professional ethics, computer crime, privacy, intellectual property, the balance between scientific advances and the acceptability of risk, globalization and the relevance of constitutional issues are all explored by drawing upon empirical research and important research methodologies in the social sciences. (Same as SOCS 3361) (3-0) Y
ECS 3390 Professional and Technical Communication (3 semester hours) Expands students' professional and team communication skills and strategies in technical contexts. Integrates writing, speaking and group communication by developing and presenting technical information to different audiences. Written assignments focus on creating professional technical documents, such as proposals, memos, abstracts, reports and letters. Presentation assignments emphasize planning, preparing and delivering dynamic, informative and persuasive presentations. Attendance at first class mandatory. Prerequisite: RHET 1302 and junior standing. (3-0) S.