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Rhetoric Course Descriptions

RHET 1101 Oral Communication/Critical Thinking (1 semester hour) This class uses small group assignments and discussions to focus on the most important aspects of adapting to college. Students take part in discussions and demonstrations related to personal management, motivation, academic skills, and work habits, communication skills, and social relationships. Specific exercises are designed to promote critical thinking and creative planning. Topics may vary. (1-1) S
RHET 1302 (ENGL 1302) Rhetoric (3 semester hours) The course presents an integrated approach to writing, reading, and critical thinking by developing the grammatical, logical, and rhetorical skills necessary for university writing. All classes work in a computerized learning environment. Students are taught basic computer literacy and submit all work electronically and on paper. (3-0) S
RHET 4074 Student Leadership (0 semester hours) This is the required course for all students selected to participate in the First Year Leader Program, in which students team-teach the RHET 1101 Oral Communication and Critical Thinking course. (May be repeated up to three times.) (2-0) S