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Graduate Programs

The University of Texas at Dallas has had a program of graduate study and research since the establishment of its predecessor, the Southwest Center for Advanced Studies. The nature of this pursuit has ranged widely, from the key instrumentation of lunar exploration to a search for new energy sources, to problems in the biochemical repair of animal cells.

This legacy of teaching and research has continued in new graduate areas as the University has grown to meet the educational and societal needs of the times. Some of the programs are interdisciplinary in nature; others reflect a single area of study.

Students entering at any level are urged to consider the opportunities afforded by accelerated Fast Track programs leading to degrees at the master's level. Early preparation for such advanced work is the key to swift progress. Such Fast Track programs often utilize graduate courses in a student's undergraduate degree plan.

Graduate degrees currently offered include:

School of Arts and Humanities

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

School of Economics, Politics and Policy Sciences

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

School of Management

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

For additional information in planning a graduate career at The University of Texas at Dallas, please refer to the University's graduate catalog.