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Geospatial Information Science Course Descriptions

GIsC 2301 (GISC 2301) Introduction to Geospatial Information Science (3 semester hours) A broad introduction to geospatial information science, including GIS, remote sensing, GPS, spatial data analysis, cartography, and other topics. (2-2) Y
GISC 2302 (GISC 2302) Introduction to Geodesy (3 semester hours) Introduction to the basic ideas and techniques of map projections, including datums, spheroids, coordinate systems, and so forth. (3-0) Y
GISC 3301 (GISC 3301) Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 semester hours) Topics include principles of remote sensing and sensors, image visualization and statistics, radiometric and geometric correction, enhancement, classification, change detection, and innovative image processing approaches. (3-0) Y