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Resources for Study and Campus Life

Health Insurance

A group health insurance plan is available to all part-time and full-time registered fee-paying students at. In order to maintain your eligibility you must be enrolled and attend class through the 12th class day.

The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System requires all F and J visa holders to have approved health insurance and repatriation/evacuation coverage while enrolled at any U.T. Institution. Each semester when international students register for classes their account will be assessed the Student Health Insurance (SHI) fee to meet these requirements. This fee may be waived if the student has other approved coverage for the duration of the coverage period. Waivers must be obtained prior to Census Day of each semester.

The Student Health Insurance Office, located in McDermott Library room 1.310, provides assistance to all students requesting information about the student health insurance policy, filing claims, finding medical care, understanding the explanation of benefits, etc. The SHI Office makes available to all students guidance about their insurance related issues. For more information on UT Dallas's Student Health Insurance Services, see our web site, http://www.utdallas.edu/insurance/.

Health Services

The Student Health Center offers routine medical treatment to all currently enrolled students who have paid their tuition, have a Comet Card and are attending classes. Services include diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries, general medical problems, some gynecological problems, health education, and limited immunizations. Chronic health problems and patients who are pregnant are out of the scope of practice of the Health Center and must be managed by an off campus provider. While there is no cost for most services, there are charges for laboratory services, medications and specific procedures provided at the Health Center. The Health Center schedules patients by appointment and promptness of arrival for your appointment is important. All charges for services or treatment obtained from facilities other than the campus Health Center are the full responsibility of the individual student. The staff at the Health Center makes referrals as indicated.

The Student Health Center provides information on the prevention and transmission of HIV infection and AIDS, offers HIV and AIDS education programs, and offers testing.

Information about bacterial meningitis is available upon request at the Student Health Center.  Information also is distributed in Orientation packets, in the A to Z Guide to Student Life, in the graduate and undergraduate applications for admission to the University and is published in the University newspaper, The Mercury, at the beginning of each semester.

Health Education and the Health Education Coordinator are also a part of the Student Health Center and offer many educational materials, information and programming on various health subjects.

All medical services and records are held confidential to the extent permitted by law and are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Texas Open Records Act, and Article 5561(h), Vernon's Annotated Texas Civil Statutes.

The Student Health Center is located in the Student Union (SU 1.606), (972) 883-2747.

The University of Texas at Dallas does not have immunization requirements other than TB testing for all persons born outside the United States.