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Resources for Study and Campus Life

Professional Preparation

Students at the University who wish to prepare for a career in teaching, law, medicine, or a paramedical field should make every effort to ensure that their course work at the upper division is in keeping with particular requirements of that chosen profession.

Health-Related Professions

Healthcare professional programs do not state a preference about an undergraduate major field, thus permitting students to choose degree programs that correspond to their special abilities and interests. Students interested in the health professions may choose any major as long as they meet the minimum requirements stated by the professional school in question. Students who wish to continue their education in any professional program of study should contact the Health Professions Advising Center (HPAC) during their first semester at UT Dallas.   The advisors may be reached by calling 972-883-6767 or by visiting their office at JO 4.800.   More information may be found on their website at http://www.utdallas.edu/pre-health/.


Law school admission committees do not normally state a preference regarding an undergraduate major field of study, thus permitting students to choose degree programs that correspond to their special abilities and interests. A pre-law internship is available for students from across the University who plan to practice law. Students interested in a career in law should contact the pre-law advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Education, GC 2.2MP 3.206, or by calling 972-883-4607. The Pre-Law website is located at http://www.utdallas.edu/dept/pre-law/.

Teacher Certification

Students who wish to gain certification to teach in Texas schools may do so at UT Dallas. Students must first be admitted individually to the academic program of their choice. They must also seek admission to Teacher Certification through the Teacher Development Center (972) 883-2730 as early as possible. The Teacher Certification website is located at http://utdallas.edu/teach/.

Professional education courses, including student teaching, of at least 18 semester hours are prescribed to meet state certification regulations. Certification requirements may increase the number of semester hours normally required for graduation. Careful planning and utilization of electives for fulfillment of professional requirements may allow the student to avoid such an increase.

Teaching fields in which certification for Grades 8 - 12 may be earned are English Language Arts and Reading, Social Studies, Computer Science, History, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Science, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Teaching fields in which certification for Grades 4 - 8 may be earned are Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English Language Arts and Reading, and Generalist 4-8. The Generalist Certificate is the only teaching field available at UT Dallas for Early Childhood (EC)-4 certification.

All students interested in Teacher Certification should consult the section on Teacher Certification in the catalog, as well as the appropriate subject area.