Readmission of Former UT Dallas Students

Students who are not registered for three successive long semesters (not including summer session) at The University of Texas at Dallas must submit the Re-Entry Form to the Office of the Registrar and demonstrate good standing with all departments at UT Dallas before they can reenter the University. Upon re-entry, students must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect for the term of re-entry and, if accepted, will be bound by that catalog. Upon re-entry, the student’s tuition residency status will be redetermined in accordance with Texas state law.

Students who have attended another college or university since they were last enrolled at UT Dallas must submit official transcripts of all such work to the Office of the Registrar, The University of Texas at Dallas, 800 West Campbell Road - MC11, Richardson, TX  75080-3021.

Continuing students who have been out less than three long (fall or spring) semesters who wish to reenter the University must update their personal information online. A visit to the Office of the Registrar may be required.

Students returning to the University following academic suspension, see “Scholastic Suspension” in the Policies and Procedures section.