Gender Studies Course Descriptions

GST 2300 Introduction to Gender Studies (3 semester hours) An introduction to the way gender shapes individuals, social institutions and culture. Examines gender, class, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and nationality as interactive systems. Topics include biological arguments about gender and sexuality; the cultural construction of gender; the psychology of sex roles; the ways gender shapes families, workplaces and other social institutions. (Same as SOC 2300) (3-0) Y

GST 3301 Psychology of Gender (3 semester hours) An overview of individualistic and interactional perspectives in biology, personality, and social relations. With a focus on the individual, gender in thought, emotion, personal relationships, and self-concept is explored. (Same as PSY 3324) (3-0) Y

GST 3302 Gender in Western Thought (3 semester hours) Identifies gendered approaches within the history of ideas, including philosophy, theology, and literature. Universal truths about human nature, particularly with regard to sex and gender, are located within the intellectual milieu of various writers and within the larger body of Western thought. (Same as HIST 4361) (3-0) T

GST 3303 Gender, Society and Politics (3 semester hours) Addresses the influence of gender on the distribution of public goods and the way gender, interacting with race and class, shapes social, political, and economic institutions. Introduces students to traditional notions of rights and citizenship as conceptual underpinnings for contemporary political and legal debates (on welfare, reproductive rights, childcare, job segregation, women in the military, prostitution). (Same as SOC 3354 ) (3-0) Y

GST 4311 Gender and Education (3 semester hours) An examination of the impact of gender, race, and class on the educational experiences of men and women. Considers the way educational institutions both empower individuals and reproduce social inequalities based on class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. Topics include Enlightenment discussions of gender and reason, co-ed vs. single sex education, curriculum transformation efforts to include the history and experience of women and ethnic minorities, feminist and critical pedagogies. (Same as SOC 4311) (3-0) Y

GST 4325 Motherhood and the Technological Womb (3 semester hours) Examines the relationship between reproductive technologies and the meanings of motherhood. Investigates the history of reproductive technologies and how various interventions and medical/technological “advances” have influenced the social, emotional, legal, political, and economic dimensions of motherhood and reproduction. Topics include conception and birth control, “test tube” babies, infertility treatments, surrogacy, fetal ultrasound imaging, high-order multiple births, genetic testing, cloning, and ectogenesis (artificial wombs). (3-0) R

GST 4350 Gender and International Development (3 semester hours) This interdisciplinary course explores the social, political and economic factors that shape international development. Central course themes include the history of international development, poverty and economics, education, sustainability and the environment. (3-0) R

GST 4360 Rebels and Reformers: Women and Alcohol in America (3 semester hours) Examines women’s historical role as crusaders against alcohol and identifies how the role of reformer was gendered. Indentifies the genesis of the disease concept of alcoholism and how it was applied to men and women in different ways. Examines gendered ideas about male and female drinking and how they are represented in popular culture, literature, and film. (Same as AMS 4360) (3-0) R

GST 4379 Topics in Gender Studies (3 semester hours) May be repeated for credit as topics vary (9 hours maximum). (3-0) R

GST 4380 Women, Work, and Family (3 semester hours) An examination of the relationship between women’s work for pay in the marketplace and their unpaid work in homes across time and in different countries. Topics include the historical separation of work from home under capitalism; initiatives division of household labor between men and women; public policy (socialized/commercial housework and daycare, family leave, telecommuting, part-time and flex-time work) designed to make juggling work and family easier; the ways class, race, and ethnicity constrain and enable women’s choices. (Same as SOC 4380) (3-0) R

GST 4381 Senior Honors Research (3 semester hours) Designed for students conducting original research. Consent of instructor is required. (3-0) R

GST 4382 Senior Honors in Gender Studies (3 semester hours) To qualify for magna or summa cum laude if the required number of hours are taken at UTD. A suitable ranking of this paper/project is required to qualify for honors. Consent of instructor is required. (3-0) R

GST 4V80 Independent Study (1-6 semester hours) May be repeated for credit. Consent of instructor required. ([1-6]-0) R