Geospatial Information Science Course Descriptions

GISC 2301 (GISC 2301) Introduction to Geospatial Information Science (3 semester hours) A broad introduction to geospatial information science, including GIS, remote sensing, GPS, spatial data analysis, cartography, and other topics. (2-2) Y

GISC 2302 (GISC 2302) Introduction to Geodesy (3 semester hours) Introduction to the basic ideas and techniques of datums, map projections, coordinate systems, and so forth. (Same as GEOS 2306) (3-0) Y

GISC 3301 (GISC 3301) Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 semester hours) Topics include principles of remote sensing and sensors, image visualization and statistics, radiometric and geometric correction, enhancement, classification, change detection, and innovative image processing approaches. (3-0) Y

GISC 3382 Applied Geographic Information Systems (3 semester hours) Further develops hands-on skills with industry-standard GIS software for application in a wide variety of areas including urban infrastructure management, marketing and location analysis, environmental management, geologic and geophysical analysis and the Economic, Political and Policy Sciences. Prerequisite: GISC 2301, or equivalent with instructor's permission. (3-0) Y

GISC 4101 Exploring Geographic Information Systems (1 semester hour) A two day weekend workshop designed to provide GIS neophytes with a basic introduction to GIS spatial analysis theories and software techniques. May not be taken for credit by GISC majors. (1-1) S

GISC 4317 Computer Programming for GIS (3 semester hours) Introduction to fundamental programming skills and their application in GIS related software development. Topics covered include fundamental programming structures (such as branching and looping), functions and subroutines, arrays and collections. Emphasis on rapid GIS interface customization and geo-processing function development with standard programming languages. Students are expected to design and implement a project. Prerequisite: CS 2336. (3-0) Y

GISC 4V96 Selected Topics in Geospatial Information Science(1-3 semester hours) Subject matter will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit (9 hour maximum). ([1-3]-0) R

GISC 4V97 Independent Study in Geospatial Information Science (1-6 semester hours) Independent study under a faculty member’s direction. May be repeated for credit. (6 hours maximum) Consent of instructor required. ([1-6]-0) R

GISC 4V98 Internship (1-6 semester hours) May be repeated for credit up to a total of six semester credit hours. Consent of instructor required. This course can only be taken Pass/Fail. ([1-6]-0) S

GISC 4V99 Senior Honors in Geospatial Information Science (3 semester hours) For students conducting independent research for honors thesis or projects. May be repeated for credit (6 hours maximum). Consent of instructor required. ([1-6]-0) S