Social Science Course Descriptions

SOCS 2V95 Individual Instruction in the Social Sciences (1-6 semester hours) Individual study under a faculty member's direction. May be repeated for credit. Permission of instructor required. ([1-6] -0) R

SOCS 3111 Careers in the Social Sciences (1 semester hour) This one-credit course is designed to provide social sciences majors and those interested in the social sciences with information and skills that will help them select and pursue a career in their major or a related field. (1-0) Y

SOCS 3361 Social Issues and Ethics in Computer Science and Engineering (3 semester hours) This course exposes students to major theoretical approaches and modes of thinking in the social sciences while exploring a range of important issues in computing and engineering, and the interrelationship between technology and important elements of social systems. Areas of exploration include the interface between technology, culture, economy, gender, politics, and religion. Issues of professional ethics, computer crime, privacy, intellectual property, the balance between scientific advances and the acceptability of risk, globalization, and the relevance of constitutional issues are all explored by drawing upon empirical research and important research methodologies in the social sciences. (Same as ECS 3361) (3-0) Y

SOCS 3V96 Selected Topics in the Social Sciences (1-3 semester hours) Subject matter will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). ([1-3]-0) R

SOCS 4320 Social Entrepreneurship (3 semester hours) This course is about providing those interested in entrepreneurial ventures with primarily a social focus with the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish their goals. The course will be seminar style and require a practicum. Topics to be included are entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector, entrepreneurship in political campaigns, new public management and the role of entrepreneurship in government and public services, urban planning, and geographical information sciences as a tool all entrepreneurs can use in the creation of new opportunities. (3-0) R

SOCS 4V98 Pre-Law Internship (3-6 semester hours) An internship with law firms or judges that will expose students to legal issues and to the practice of law. An excellent exposure to the legal profession. May repeat for credit (6 hours maximum). Permission of instructor required. This course can only be taken Credit/No Credit. ([3-6]-0) S