Naveen Jindal School of Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Biology

Degree Requirements (137-138 hours)*

I. Core Curriculum Requirements1: 42 hours

  1. Communication (6 hours)
    3 hours Communication (RHET 1302)
    3 hours Communication Elective (BA 3311)
  2. Social and Behavioral Sciences (15 hours)
    6 hours Government (GOVT 2301 and 2302)
    6 hours American History
    3 hours Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective (ECON 2301)
  3. Humanities and Fine Arts (6 hours)
    3 hours Fine Arts (ARTS 1301)
    3 hours Humanities (HUMA 1301)
  4. Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (6 hours)
    6 hours Calculus (MATH 1325 and 1326)
  5. Science (9 hours)
    9 hours Chemistry (CHEM 1311, 1111, 1312, 1112 and PHYS 1101)

1 Curriculum Requirements can be fulfilled by other approved courses from accredited institutions of higher education. The courses listed in parentheses are recommended as the most efficient way to satisfy both Core Curriculum and Major Requirements at UT Dallas.
* Degree is 138 hours if students are required to take RHET 1101.

II. Major Requirements: 83 hours

Business Major Preparatory Courses (15 hours beyond Core Curriculum)

ACCT 2301* Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT 2302* Introductory Management Accounting
BA 2301* Business and Public Law
ECON 2301* Principles of Macroeconomics2
ECON 2302* Principles of Microeconomics
MATH 1325* Applied Calculus I2, 3
MATH 1326* Applied Calculus II2, 3
BA 3333* Quantitative Business Analysis or MATH 2333* Matrices, Vectors, and Their Application4

Business Core Courses (24 hours)

BA 3311 Business Communications2
BA 3341 Business Finance
BA 3351 Introduction to Management Information Systems
BA 3352 Production Management
BA 3361 Organizational Behavior
BA 3365 Principles of Marketing
BA 4305 Strategic Management
BA 4371 International Business
STAT 3360 Probability and Statistics for Management and Economics
Or STAT 3332 Statistics for Life Sciences or BA 3360 Managerial Decision Making under Uncertainty

Biology Major Preparatory Courses (15 hours beyond Core Curriculum)

CHEM 1111 General Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM 1112 General Chemistry Laboratory II2
CHEM 1311 General Chemistry I2
CHEM 1312 General Chemistry II2
CHEM 2123* Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 2125* Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 2323* Introductory Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2325* Introductory Organic Chemistry II
PHYS 1301/1101 College Physics I with Laboratory
Or PHYS 3341/2125 Physics for Bio Science I with Laboratory
PHYS 1302/1102 College Physics II with Laboratory
Or PHYS 3342/2126 Physics for Bio Science II with Laboratory

Biology Core Courses (29 hours)

BIOL 2111* Introduction to Modern Biology Workshop I
BIOL 2112* Introduction to Modern Biology Workshop II
BIOL 2281* Introductory Biology Laboratory
BIOL 2311* Introduction to Modern Biology I
BIOL 2312* Introduction to Modern Biology II
BIOL 3101 Classical and Molecular Genetics Workshop
BIOL 3102 Eukaryotic Molecular and Cell Biology Workshop
BIOL 3161 Biochemistry Workshop I
BIOL 3162 Biochemistry Workshop II
BIOL 3301 Classical and Molecular Genetics
BIOL 3302 Eukaryotic Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOL 3361 Biochemistry I
BIOL 3362 Biochemistry II
Or BIOL 3335 Microbial Physiology
BIOL 3380 Biochemistry Laboratory

2 A required Major course that also fulfills a Core Curriculum requirement. Hours are counted in Core Curriculum.
3 Students may substitute MATH 2413 and MATH 2414 or MATH 2417 and 2419.
4 Students may substitute MATH 2418 or CS 2305.

*Indicates a prerequisite class to be completed before enrolling for upper-division classes.

III. Elective Requirements: 12 hours

Advanced Electives

All students are required to take at least six hours of Advanced Electives outside their major field of study. These must be either upper-division classes or lower-division classes that have prerequisites. These are satisfied with CHEM 2323 and 2325 counted under Major Preparatory Courses above.

Guided Electives (12 hours)

Business Administration: (9 hours) to be selected from any upper level ACCT or BA course. If qualified, the student
may select from JSOM graduate courses.
Biology: (3 hours) BIOL 4380 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory or approved upper-level biology course.