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Continuing Student Certification Request

If you are a continuing student you must do two things to be certified for a new semester:

  1. register for your classes.

  2. turn in an updated degree plan, signed by their advisor.  For a class to be eligible for VA benefits the degree plan must include the class.

The updated degree plan can be submitted immediately following your registering for your classes - even prior to the start of the term.  The earlier you submit the paperwork, the more likely your benefits will be processed in a timely manner. 

If you skipped enrollment during a spring or fall semester since your last certification, a Change of Program or Place of Training VA form 22-1995 must be completed prior to processing of the new certification..

Chapter 35 students who change their major will need to submit a Change of Program or Place of Training VA form 22-5495.

Your submission of an updated degree plan will serve as notification to the VA Certifying Official that you want to use your VA benefits for the upcoming term.  If you have turned in a degree plan and you want to check the processing status - please send an email to Sara Foxworthy at smh041000@utdallas.edu.

Please report any changes in your course load, mailing address, or dependency status to the VA Certifying Official immediately to avoid overpayment, misrouted checks, etc.


Updated: July 1, 2014