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Academic Accommodation Information for Faculty

Faculty Responsibilities for Accommodated Testing

The Office of Student AccessAbility (OSA) encourages faculty to take an active role in providing accommodated testing for students with disabilities. Students requesting academic accommodations in the classroom must present a letter prepared by OSA verifying the need for accommodations to each of their instructors. The student should make appointments to meet with each professor to deliver the letter and discuss the accommodations that will be necessary in each class.

If a student is requesting accommodated testing and the instructor/academic department has the resources: room availability, staff, etc., to arrange accommodated testing, we ask that you please do so. Accommodating students within the department is often the best option, provided the student's disability needs are met. The Accommodation Letter will outline the appropriate accommodations. Please note that all of the student's disability-related information in the Accommodation Letter is confidential. Do not share it with other faculty or students.

If the instructor/academic department does not have the resources to arrange accommodated testing, the instructor may use the OSA testing center.

OSA Accommodated Test Scheduling Process

  1. Students approved for disability related accommodations will bring their professors an Accommodation Letter, along with their Provision for Alternate Testing (PAT) form.
  2. The PAT form is used to schedule quizzes and exams that will be administered to the student in the OSA testing center. The student should complete the top portion of the PAT before presenting the form to the instructor.
  3. The middle portion is to be completed and signed by faculty. Please take the time to give us all known test dates and indicate unknown test dates with the letters "TBA." Please notify us at least three days in advance of exams when TBA dates have been determined.
  4. Indicate the amount of time the class is allowed for each exam or quiz. Generally, the start time will be the same as that of the class. However, if the student needs additional testing time and has classes both directly before and after your class, negotiate an alternative time with the student. This should be done before the student returns the PAT to our office.
  5. Let us know if any tools (e.g. calculators) or materials are allowed.
  6. Finally, tell us how the exam will be delivered to OSA and how you would like it returned to you. Your signature at the bottom authorizes us to administer the exam.
  7. The student is responsible for returning the PAT form to our office. This should be done within the first two weeks of the semester.

Students are instructed to come during your office hours or to make an appointment to ensure enough time and privacy for this discussion. If they approach you after class to sign their forms, feel free to ask them to come to your office hours.

If a student is approved for extended time, the extension should be given for tests and in-class work only. This does not apply to work that is done outside of class, except in rare cases that will be stated clearly in the accommodation letter from OSA.

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