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Student Affairs Strategic Plan

In response to changes in leadership at the divisional, institutional and The University of Texas System levels, the Division of Student Affairs at The University of Texas at Dallas initiated a strategic-planning process that involved coordination among all its units. Each area was asked to project a plan that reflected what their desired unit might look like in five years and what steps should be taken to achieve the goals and initiatives in that plan. Unit plans were then compiled into a comprehensive division-wide plan, which outlines how to achieve the Division of Student Affairs’ (Division) strategic goals and initiatives through 2024. Steps have been taken to ensure the alignment of this Division-wide plan with the University’s strategic plan and institutional priorities.

Student Affairs serves a critical role in ensuring that students are engaged, empowered and have developed a sense of belonging, while pursuing the academic mission of the University. The Division is committed to achieving this critical educational role and to providing an array of operationally efficient programs and services that support students’ academic endeavors, personal development and quality of life.

Student Affairs departments are currently housed in the Student Union, the Activity Center, Rec Center West, University Village, University Commons, Canyon Creek Heights, Synergy Park North, the Student Services Building and the Student Services Building Addition.

Primary funding for Student Affairs services, programs and buildings is generated by Student Services, Student Union, Recreational Facility, Medical Services, Student Services Building and Athletic Program fees and University Housing revenue. Other funding sources include gifts, sponsorships and program-specific user fees. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and its administrative functions, the University Career Center Internship Program, the Comet Card Office and the Office of Student AccessAbility are funded through state and designated tuition allocations.

Download the strategic plan.