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Peer-Led Team Learning


There will not be any PLTL services in the Summer 2020 term.

Fall 2020 Important Dates

Pre-Registration Dates: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 – Monday, August 17, 2020 at 5PM

Registration Dates/times for those who pre-registered:

  • Chemistry subjects: Wednesday, August 19 (Starting at 10am)
  • Math subjects: Thursday, August 20 (Starting at 10am)
  • Physics subjects: Friday, August 21 (Starting at 9am)

Registration Opens for all UTD students: Friday, August 21 (Starting at 11am)

PLTL Registration Closes: Friday, August 21 at 5pm

PLTL Dates for Fall 2020: August 24 – December 3*

*PLTL dates are subject to change and will follow the university academic calendar


Pre-Registration Lottery and Registration Information

All students who pre-register have equal opportunity to be randomly selected through the PLTL lottery. No priority is given to those who pre-register early. Students must pre-register by the deadline date to be eligible for the lottery.

Students selected in the PLTL Lottery will be given access to enroll in PLTL sessions when the initial registration period opens. Once selected (PLTL lottery) students have been given the opportunity to enroll, the remaining pre-registered students will be given the opportunity to enroll. PLTL enrollment will open (for remaining seats) to all UTD students after the pre-registered enrollment period ends.

Registration Instructions: Instructions for Early Registration in CourseBook

Waitlist Information: If you see no available seats that fit with your schedule, you are welcome to be added to the waitlist by completing the following form. The waitlist will only be available if all sessions are full.


Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) offers an active, engaged learning experience. Students meet with their small group weekly, where a trained PLTL Leader helps guide them through a potentially difficult gateway course.

  • Students can only enroll in PLTL sessions for courses they are currently taking.
  • Courses offering PLTL sessions vary each semester.
  • Space is limited; check PLTL offerings at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Earn better grades and improve study skills — Results at UT Dallas and nationally have shown that students who consistently participate in PLTL sessions attain higher grades and better learning outcomes. They not only reap the benefits of higher engagement with and application of course material, but also connect with peers who have prior knowledge, experience and success in the course.

Meet with the same leader and group for the whole semester — When students learn from other students, they become more adept in managing learning behaviors, approaches to group study, and time. Sessions meet once a week for 1.5 hours with a group of up to eight students and one leader.

Meet Your PLTL Leaders
Meet Your PLTL Leaders
View a roster of this semester’s PLTL leaders for Math, Chemistry and Physics.

Fall 2020 PLTL Supported Courses

Math 1325
Math 1326
Math 2413
Math 2414
Math 2415
Math 2417


Phys 1301
Phys 1302


Chem 1311
Chem 1312
Chem 2323
Chem 2325