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Math 2413 – Differential Calculus

Pre-Calculus Material+
Limits Using Epsilon and Delta+
Evaluating Limits+
Definition of a Limit for Vertical Asymptotes and Continuity+
Definition of a Derivative and Horizontal Asymptotes+
Asymptotes, Infinite Limits, Differentiation Rules+
Differentiation using the Chain Rule and Implicit Differentiation+
Differentiation of Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Logarithmic Functions+
Related Rates and Differential Approximation+
Concavity, Curve Sketching, Second Derivative Test+
Area and Riemann Integrals+


Math 2414 – Integral Calculus

Integration Techniques and L’Hôpital’s Rule+
Integration by parts and Trigonometric Integrals+
Trigonometric Substitution and Partial Fractions+
Improper Integrals+
Arc Length and Surface Area+
Differential Equations+
Parametric Equations+
Polar Coordinates+
Series and Sequences+


Math 2419 – Calculus II

Exam Review+


Math 2420 – Differential Equations

What is Differential Equations?+
First-Order Linear Equations and Bernoulli Equations+
Homogeneous Differential Equations+
Exact Equations+
Second-Order Linear Equations+
Variation of Parameters+
Laplace Transform+
Unit Step Function+
Delta Function and Matrices+
First-Order Linear Systems of Differential Equations+
Locally Linear Equations+
Power Series+


Math 2451 – Multivariable Calculus

Limits & Rectangular, Cylindrical, & Spherical Coordinates+
Partial Derivatives+
Directional Derivatives and Taylor Approximations+
Quadratic Form, Positive and Negative Definite Matrices, Second-Order Taylor Expansion and Optimization+
Implicit Function Theorem and Paths+
Scalar Fields and Vector Fields+
Double and Triple Integrals+
Change of Variable+
Triple Integrals and Applications+
Path and Line Integrals+
Surface Integrals+