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The Writing Center provides constructive feedback and writing support for undergraduate students through one-on-one tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions and workshops. Graduate students can receive writing help through Graduate Writing Services.

Virtual Tutoring

The Writing Center will offer only virtual tutoring appointments for the summer semester. Our virtual appointments will be asynchronous, meaning you will send in your paper and a Peer Leader will read it and email you with comments. Here is everything you need to know:

How do I schedule my online Writing Center appointment?

Make an appointment online at

When making an appointment, select UGRAD Writing Center as Category, and WC Virtual Tutoring as Activity.

After scheduling the appointment, wait for your confirmation email. Click on the link in the email to fill out a short form and upload your paper.

What do I need to send to my tutor?

After scheduling your appointment, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a Qualtrics survey. Please answer the questions in the survey to give your tutor an idea of what you’d like help with. You’ll also attach your essay to the survey. If you have any questions during the process, you can send an email to [email protected]

What if I forget to take my survey?

If your tutor does not have your survey with your paper attached, you will be considered a no-show to your appointment.

When will I get feedback on my essay?

Your tutor will read your essay and write feedback during the scheduled appointment time. You should expect to receive an email to your UTD account within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. For instance, if your appointment is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:00pm, then you should receive feedback by Wednesday at 1:00pm.

How can I pull my extra credit report for my virtual appointment?

 Writing Center management will manually enter your sign-in and sign-out time after your scheduled appointment time. You will be able to pull an extra credit report by following the instructions listed on the Students Guide to Generating Reports (linked at the right). Please allow 48 hours before checking for your extra credit report. If you have any issues, email [email protected]

Writing Center Mission Statement

The UTD Writing Center philosophy stems from the peer-to-peer model of collaborative learning. Students and Peer Leaders engage in one-on-one conversations about their work and Peer Leaders will lead sessions by asking open-ended, engaging questions which allow the student to take ownership of their own writing. The Writing Center aims to provide direct, honest feedback to students in each tutoring session. The main goal of our Writing Center is to help the writer, not just the piece of writing.


Writing Center FAQs
Writing Center FAQs
Check the FAQs for Writing Center’s policies and procedures.
Writer's Resources
Writer’s Resources
Browse the center’s collection of guides on general writing, grammar, citations and more.

Writing Center Tutors
View a roster of this semester’s Writing Center tutors.

Writing Center

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Summer 2020 Hours

May 26- July 1           
Monday- 10am-4pm
Tuesday- 12pm-4pm
Thursday- 12pm-4pm

July 6- August 4th
Tuesday 12pm-4pm
Wednesday 10am-12pm
Thursday 12pm-4pm

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