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Department Pages

The template file department.dwt should be used only for departments with services that support UTD such as Enrollment Services and Admissions. The template should not be used for independent departments such as Schools and Library.

Department Title - CSS="H1"

The title will remain on all pages owned by the deparment. It should be no more than 20 letters or three words.

Page Content - CSS="bodytext"

The right column is an editable area. The "bodytext" CSS is applied to the table, including page description, page title and text.

Page Description - CSS="contentDesc"

This area may be necessary for pages that need a brief summary describing the content of the page.

Page Title - CSS="H3"

This area is for the title of the page. This should be the same as the link that appears on the left column for the current page.

Image - size =229 x 137

One image should be used to represent the department and the same image should be used on all pages owned by the deparment. Only a high quality image should be used. We can also purchase stock photos if no other high quality images are available. No other image should appear on the left column.

Links - CSS ="subNav"

The left column is for links to navigate within the department site.
class="navCurrent" should be used for the link of the current page:

<p><a href="about.html" 


Updated: July 24, 2008