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Gateway Pages

Gateway pages are limited to links from the audience nav bar and no additional gateway pages will need to be created, therefore no template is created specifically for them. This page will describe the different areas of the page and the CSS styles used for each area.



Image size is 229 x 137 pixels. Audience pages will have different images. Use only images that are high quality. You can also purchase stock photos if no other high quality images are available. No other images should appear on the left column.

Net Access Area
This area contains links to interactive Web services such as Outlook, SIS, VIP, WebCT etc. These links should include a small icon (32 x 35) and a text link. The text link should be limited to two words.

Description - Left Column
The left column is an area for a text blurb about the page or navigation links to pages that contain additional navigation. It should be written in a consistent manner throughout the site where necessary. The description should be no more than 35 words.

Main Content Area
This area contains two separate columns for gateway links.

Page Heading - CSS - H1

The page should be no more than 20 letters. This limit also depends on whether there are net access icons and links in the right corner. It should never wrap to a second line on 800x600 resolution.

List Heading - CSS - H3

Heading for each category:


Gateway List - CSS class="gatewayList"

<p class="gatewayList">


Updated: July 24, 2008