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Main Page

No other images should be on the main page except for the existing feature images. Orange represents non-editable region and green represents editable region.

UTD Spotlight

This area is to feature timely information of interest to the general UTD community and available on the Web within the utdallas.edu domain. Links to other domains will not be permitted. The title is linked and should be no more than six words. The description should be no more than 20 words.


This area is to feature the top story of interest pertaining to research such as an announcement, feature story or research event. This should include a short title that is no longer than six words. The brief description should be no more than 25 words. The link will go to the story on the main Research site and should not be something that is featured in the Headlines section. The link must be to an HTML page with a feature story or event of interest to the general public.



This area features the two most recent news items, as determined by the News and Information department. The headline link should be exactly the same as the heading of the press release. The headline link should also wrap exactly like the heading of the printed press release, if the headline requires two lines. In almost all cases, the description will be the first sentence of the release.

When the link is to a feature story, the News and Information Office will provide the first sentence.



This will feature the two links to UTD events, chosen by the Manager of University Web Services or designee. This section will not have descriptions.

Student Corner

This area will feature quick semester links with no description. Academic Calendar, Course Catalog and Campus Map should remain in this area at all times. Other links can be added and removed based on popularity of the information and what students are likely to look for. Example: Bursar, Parking Permit, and Class Schedule.

Because these links may be changed periodically, the links should be linked directly to the destination page for one-click easy access.

Spring 2004 Schedule should be linked to

and not


Updated: July 24, 2008