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The template file subpages.dwt should be used only for subpages of the main UTD site.

Page Heading - CSS="H1"

This is where the page heading goes for each page. The pages with left side navigation will use the same page heading and will use H3 for each link or section heading. Example can be seen in the about pages.


Page Content - CSS="bodytext"

The right column is an editable area and the "bodytext" CSS is applied to the table that includes page desc, page title and text.


Featured Link

Featured links always inlude the graphical arrow to the left. Example can be seen on the prospective students page and research page. Other attributes such as underline and bold are used depending on page content. The prospective students page includes lists and all the links are not bold, therefore the feature link should not be bold. It can be underlined for emphasis. The research page has links that are headings (H3) and are bold, therefore the feature link should be bold as well (using <strong></strong>).


Section Heading - CSS="H2"

CSS="H2" is only used if a page requires the use of three headings. If only two headings are necessary, H1 and H3 are used. The use of H2 can be seen on the Research page as well as on this page.


Description or Links - CSS="subDesc" or CSS="subNav"

The default for this area is set to CSS="subNav". If the page needs a description, then CSS="subDesc" is used instead of "subNav".

class="navCurrent" should be used for the link of the current page:

<p><a href="about.html" 


Paragraph Heading - CSS="H3"

Some paragraph headings are links and will automatically be set by the style sheet to be green. Others are not links and will be dark grey.


SubParagraph - CSS="subparagraph"

Subparagraph style is used for paragraphs that are short and need to be indented. Examples can be seen on the research page and the academic programs page.

<p class="subparagraph">


Image - size =229 x 137

One image should be used to represent the department and the same image should be used on all pages owned by the deparment. Only a high quality image should be used. You can also purchase stock photos if no other high quality images are available. No other image should appear on the left column.


Updated: July 24, 2008