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Timely Graduation

Texas Education Code 51.9195

Students that follow the below actions facilitate timely graduation from UT Dallas:

  • Meet with your academic advisor before registering.
  • Follow your appropriate degree plan and suggested sequence of classes. You may find your degree plan listed in the undergraduate catalog. For your suggested sequence of classes, please consult your academic advisor.
  • Average 30 semester credit hours annually.
  • Maintain a 2.000 cumulative GPA.
  • File a 45- and a 75-hour degree audit with your academic advisor and, if appropriate, your financial aid advisor.
  • If you would like to take courses elsewhere, please consult with your academic advisor before deciding to transfer classes.

Career Opportunities

The salary data below is gathered annually by the UT Dallas Career Center through a self-reported survey tool. The survey gathers first-destination data, including employment and continuing education details, from students who graduate each semester. More detailed information, broken down by academic school, can be found on the Career Center’s Salary/Hiring Trends page.

Undergraduate Salary Report**
Low – $14,000
Average – $50,189
High – $132,600

**Figures reflect 291 self-reported salaries in December 2015, May 2016 and August 2016. Excluded from the analysis are 37 self-reported salaries ranging from $0 – $13,000.

Undergraduate Salary Report*
Low – $14,000
Average – $47,363
High – $180,000

*Figures reflect 240 self-reported salaries in December 2014, May 2015 and August 2015. Excluded from the analysis are 35 self-reported salaries ranging from $0 – $13,000.

Estimated Tuition

Academic Year:
Tuition Costs*:
Description of Calculation: 
4 Years $48,648 Based on 120 hour degree plan taking 15 hrs for 8 semesters
5 Years $55,960 Based on 120 hour degree plan taking 12 hrs for 10 semesters 
6 Years $57,972 Based on 120 hour degree plan taking 10 hrs for 12 semesters 

*Note: Tuition estimates are for in-state students and do not include course-related fees, books, meals and housing.



Academic Advisors
University Bookstore
Bursar (collector of tuition and fees) – [email protected], 972-883-2612
Career Center – [email protected], 972-883-2943
Financial Aid – [email protected], 972-883-2941
Registrar – [email protected], 972-883-2342