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Participating in the TxBDC Research Program is an excellent way to strengthen your academic experience. Everyone who participates in the lab is contributing to the collection of data which is used to discover new scientific findings and helps set you on a path to success. You will gain exposure to cutting‐edge real-world laboratory research through hands‐on participation in the TxBDC labs. TxBDC Researchers are invited to join science and/or engineering research teams, participate in laboratory based research activities, participate in development and deployment of real-world medical devices and applications, and be included in scientific publication(s) as project timing and effort levels allow, all while pursuing your academic career and interests.

To get started click on the link below and fill out your application. Once you have completed the application, please send a copy of your resume to [email protected]. We strongly encourage you to include a letter of interest describing your research interests and goals with your resume. READ MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM


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