International Conference on Auditory Cortex

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards Over $13 Million in Young Investigator Grants to 200 Scientists Pursuing Innovative Mental Health Research

Crystal T. Engineer, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas, will explore a potential treatment for auditory symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. People with autism often struggle to process speech, and experience hearing deficits even after training to strengthen their auditory skills. Using an established rat model of autism, Dr. Engineer will test whether such training has stronger effects when paired with stimulation of the vagus nerve, which contributes to sensory processing. She hopes to point toward better treatment for auditory deficits among people with autism, and to identify brain networks involved in the improvement of sound processing. Read More

Rett Syndrome

Rocking Out Rett

Rett Syndrome is neurodevelopmental disorder caused by a mutation in the MECP2 gene that mainly affects girls. TxBDC researchers Dr. Crystal Engineer, and Dr. Seth Hays discuss our research funded by in this video. Watch the Video

Raashi Thakkar

Raashi Thakkar awarded an Undergraduate Research Scholar Award

Congratulations to Raashi Thakkar for being awarded a UT Dallas Undergraduate Research Scholar Award. The Undergraduate Research Scholar Award program supports students who are conducting their own research project during the spring semester. Raashi was awarded a $500 stipend, and will have a chance to win additional prizes at the end of semester Undergraduate Research Poster Contest. Best of luck Raashi!

Roshini Ray

Roshni Ray selected for the prestigious Green Fellowship

A big congratulations to Roshni Ray for being awarded the prestigious Green Fellowship. The Green Fellowship program supports students who seek research positions at UT Southwestern Medical School for one semester during their junior year. Roshni will gain 12 hours of research credit, a one-time stipend of $4,000, and placement in a UT Southwestern Research lab. Best of luck Roshni!